Britney Spears` Pieces Of Silver

Britney Spears` Pieces Of Silver

Britney Spears` Pieces Of Silver



When Jesus was crucified between two thieves upon the hill of Calvary by agents of the Roman Empire then occupying Jewish Palestine, he`d been betrayed by his disciple Judas at the `Last Supper` for thirty pieces of silver. The last meal before Jesus` crucifixion, where he was nailed to a cross of wood and left to die, was known as the `Last Supper`, and is most memorable for Jesus` offer of `bread and wine` to his disciples as symbols of his `body and blood`, because the Jewish Messiah was man born uncontaminated by male semen from his mother, the Virgin Mary, and so his body and blood was special. The Virgin Mary is represented in Christian iconography as crushing the head of a serpent beneath her foot, because Eve and Adam, the first man and woman, according to the Bible, were tempted by the fallen angel, Satan, who God had transformed into a serpent for refusing to accept that the human host would be greater than the angelic. Satan gave Eve and Adam the `fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil`, that is, death, saying `You shall be as gods.` (Gen: 3. 5) God had lain an injunction upon the pair to eat only of the `fruit of the tree of life, which was immortality, and told Eve:


`You shall crush the head of the serpent with your foot, although he shall bruise your heel.` (Gen: 3. 15)


 Expelling Eve and Adam from Eden God told the pair that Adam must labor while Eve would experience labor pain but Redemption would occur. Jesus` mother, the Virgin Mary, represents Redemption, because Jesus was uncontaminated by male semen. Upon his death he had Resurrection and Ascension to heaven because the power that the serpent, Satan, conferred upon Eve and Adam and their descendants was slavery. Ephemeral humans live long enough to work for masters who don`t want longevity because wisdom is independence. Consequently, the slaver doesn`t want medical science, and death is their tool. After Eden futanarian women were born with their own penis` semen for the host wombs of women, and it is the Resurrection and Ascension to heaven of `woman`s seed` rather than the `serpent`s seed` of Satan that Jesus` death prefigures. Eve and Adam`s descendants initiated host womb slavery upon women and suppressed the emergence of futanarian women, which is why Jesus uncontaminated by male semen is the human host betrayed at the `Last Supper` by Judas Iscariot to the male brained Roman Empire of war for thirty pieces of silver.



 On the cover of the CD single for `Piece Of Me` from her album, Blackout (2007), Britney Spears appears in the place of Jesus Christ, the Messiah of Christianity, upon the cross of crucifixion. Jesus was crucified between two rebels, `If You are the Christ, save Yourself and us.` (Luke: 23. 39) Jesus` judge, Pontius Pilate, had offered the crowd the choice between allowing Jesus to go free, or the freedom fighter, Barabbas, and the Jewish people chose Barabbas, which lesson is reiterated in the other rebel`s rebuke, `... we receive the due reward of our deeds; but this man has done nothing wrong.` (Luke: 23. 41) Jesus replied, `Assuredly, I say to you, today you will be with me in paradise.` (Luke: 23. 43) Barabbas and the rebels are freedom fighters like Jesus, who is a rebel against the male brained Empire of war possessing Palestine, and so he doesn`t condemn them to the eternal unendurable pain of perdition that God has reserved for the evil rather than heaven, which is God`s promise to the good who repent and accept Jesus` teaching, `Love your neighbor as you love yourself.` (Mk: 12. 31) Although Britney Spears isn`t depicted as being crucified between rebels on the cover of the CD single `Piece Of Me`, the silvered CDs and DVDs purchased by the audience for her song and video are symbolic of the thirty pieces of silver Judas accepted from the male brained Empire of Rome to betray the human host. As a host womb of the human race Britney Spears upon the cross of Jesus uncontaminated by male semen is a closer approximation to the meaning of Jesus` Resurrection and Ascension to heaven after his death, `Surely this was the son of God.` (Matt: 27. 54) Because futanarian women with penis` semen of their own represent the Resurrection that precedes Ascension of Eve`s `woman`s seed` to heaven through the development of their own brains` powers to produce the medical science necessary to give humanity longevity and wisdom to escape enslavement to the `serpent`s seed` of enslaving men, Britney Spears upon the cross of Jesus is as legitimate as the much criticized Madonna, whose song and video, `Like A Virgin`, was criticized as blasphemous:


`Touched for the very first time.`1



 The term `madonna` is used to describe Jesus` mother, the Virgin Mary, because all human women who haven`t been with futanarian women with their own penis` semen for their own species` sexual reproduction of their own brains` powers to liberate their race from ephemeral death in slavery are virgins. Often described as the `great whore of the apocalypse`, Madonna`s career in Hollywood Babylon is cited as the basis for the comparison, `Mystery, Babylon the great, mother of harlots and of the abominations of the Earth.` (Rev: 17. 5) Ancient Greece provides a clearer picture because war and Empire were spread by the institutionalization of host womb slavery and homosexuality in pederasty, that is, the host wombs of the human race of `woman`s seed` were whored for warfare by men of the `serpent`s seed` who wanted death in slavery in exchange for power rather than life and freedom through the labor-saving of advanced technologies developed by human brainpower represented by futanarian women with their own penis` semen for the sexual reproduction of their own species. Although ancient Babylon came back into the picture as the ruined city Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein could see from his Summer palace at Hillah during the Gulf war he waged against those who deposed him, the role of Hollywood Babylon as a monster is only identifiable if the four wife Moslem marriage is comprehended as the futanarian vehicle of `woman`s seed`, that is, ancient Babylon and Saddam Hussein`s modern Iraqi war machine represent the whoring of the human race of women, whereas the Moslem women of Islam covered in public beneath their burkas represent the future Resurrection and Ascension to heaven of `woman`s seed` prefigured by Jesus` Resurrection and Ascension as the child of the Virgin Mary uncontaminated by male semen legitimized by the figure of Britney Spears on the cross of woman`s crucifixion for the cover of her CD single or DVD video, `Piece Of Me`:


`Guess I can't see the harm

In working and being a mama;

And with a kid on my arm

I'm still an exceptional earner:

And you want a piece of me?`


 For Britney Spears a madonna is a working woman with a child in an age of slavery and death in which her CDs and DVDs are the pieces of silver that the betrayers of the host wombs of the human species exact from her as the price of their treachery. Her rebels are women like Madonna, and Christina Aguilera, who sang `I. Hate. Boys.`2 Because boy sons are the poisons of the apocalypse: `Men cursed the God of heaven for their pains and their sores but refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev: 16, 11) Homosexuality in pederasty and war has produced HIV/AIDS` `blood plague` (Rev: 11. 6) as a `biological weapon` deployed by men of the `serpent`s seed` in their campaign to maintain women`s host womb enslavement in parasitism and death to the human futanarian race, which is the racism practiced upon the species of `woman`s seed` by her extinguishers. HIV/AIDS spreads through men`s mixing of blood, shit and semen in each others` anuses during mockery of human sexual reproduction between women by homosexuals in pederasty who`re the boy sons that are the poisons keeping women in fearful faithfulness to the parasite`s monogamous enslavement of their species. Women who`ve only seen themselves in the mirror are ignorant of their own female race`s futanarian capacity for the sexual reproduction that would allow them to produce their own brains` powers as a species.

 The technology of labor-saving devices devised by their own species` brainpower would give women freedom from slavery, and medical science would bring immortality, rather than that ephemerals should be denied longevity by their enslavers and so prevent their developing wisdom to facilitate their permanent escape to the planets and stars, which is what Jesus` Resurrection and Ascension to heaven prefigures for `woman`s seed` uncontaminated by male semen. Because homosexuality in pederasty was the basis for the institutionalized enslaving of women`s host wombs for warfare, the 21st century`s HIV/AIDS` incurable killer disease that was first detected amongst the homosexual communities of the late 1980s in the United States represents men`s biological warfare against the human race, which is why repentance and Redemption are the concerns of the biblical apocalypse known as Revelation where men are depicted as having brains that refuse metanoia (Matt: 4. 17), that is, the transformation called `transubstantiation` in the Christian church where the parishioners are encouraged, by the officiating priest`s giving of `bread and wine` as symbols of the `body and blood` of Jesus, to accept `woman`s seed`, rather than adherance to that slavery in death through war which is designed by unredeemed mankind to be the extinction of humanity by the `serpent`s seed` possessing humanity by means of the hegemony of the Empire of the male brain as the human Earth`s pogromer.



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