Christianity`s Merry Go Round

Christianity`s Merry Go Round

Christianity`s Merry Go Round


Jesus Christ`s Nativity was attended by the appearance of a star above the stable in Bethlehem, where his mother, Mary, was sheltering as she went on a journey to fulfil a census requirement imposed by the occupying Roman Empire in Jewish Palestine. Although Mary is described in Christianity as the Virgin Mary, she was married to Joseph. The story of the Virgin Mary`s birthing of Jesus is that she was a virgin, which means that Jesus was born uncontaminated by male semen, and that`s why he was a star. The Hollywood, Babylon `star system` of movie actors and actresses follows the pattern of Jesus` birth from humble origins. As the star of Christianity, Jesus`s teaching is the central facet, `Love your neighbor as you love yourself.` (Mk: 12. 31) Jesus introduced this teaching as the distillation of God`s law. Hollywood stars are taught the law of public humility, because their star is in the ascendant; like Jesus` to begin with. The Jewish Pharisees, that is, the Jewish rabbis, and the Roman Empire, sought to bring the star of Jesus down; much in the way that movie critics attempt to ruin the careers of stars they disapprove of and so stars are taught to feign humility and declare themselves Christians.



 Michael Jackson`s fate was Christ-like. Born to aspire to greatness amongst the Jackson family`s The Jackson Five pop music group of performers, Michael`s huge success brought him a mansion and financial security. Accused of pedophilia and invaded by the police before the criminal lawyers stole everything they could, the medical establishment finally killed Michael with over prescribing of drugs, and his star was brought down, because that`s what Christians really do. The role of the police was as a poisonous spider paralyzing an individual until he was unable to move, while the lawyers had the role of stealing from the paralyzed body of Michael`s success, and the Christian merry-go-round of star to fallen star was responsible through the rumor mill of accusation and persecution for imagined misbehavior.



 Bringing a superstar low is what Judas Iscariot`s story represents. As the human host at the `Last Supper`, Jesus gave `bread and wine` to his disciples as symbolic of his `body and blood`, while Judas betrayed the human host by calling Jesus a `dissident` of the Roman Empire, which resulted in Jesus being nailed to a cross of wood atop the hill of Calvary outside Jerusalem where he remained until he died. Afterwards Jesus had Resurrection and Ascension to heaven, because the Pharisees, the Romans, and Judas couldn`t keep Jesus` star from reascending. The game that Christianity plays is to knock down stars and see if they can reascend: like Jesus! Consequently, Christianity isn`t what it is thought to be. In the Bible, Satan is the angel of heaven who was turned into a serpent by God for rejecting God`s plan that humans would be greater than the angels, and many of them fell with Satan in rebellion against God`s plan that the human host should be angelic. In humanity`s original paradisal home of Eden, Satan, as the serpent, tempted Eve, the first woman, to `eat of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil`, which was death, saying `You shall be as gods.` (Gen: 3. 5) Giving the first man, Adam, some of the fruit, Eve and Adam were expelled from paradise for rejecting God`s `fruit of the tree of life`, which was immortality, in favor of death, which was the power offered by the serpent, because ephemeral humans who remained ignorant, because untutored, could be enslaved if they died quickly without understanding.



 Jesus said that a Holy Spirit would teach after him, which represented the tutoring that the human species lacked. Expelled from Eden Adam was told by God he must work while Eve would experience labor pains, although women`s labor would result in Redemption, because the Virgin Mary would birth Jesus Christ, the Messiah: `You shall crush the head of the serpent with your foot, although he shall bruise your heel.` (Gen: 3. 15) The term for humans uncontaminated by male semen is `futanarian`, because human women have their own penis` semen for the host wombs of their own species and the sexual reproduction of their own brains` powers for liberation from slavery in death. Consequently, Eve`s `foot` is her futanarian species of women. When Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus at the `Last Supper` he was betraying the future angelic human host of heaven, because Jesus prefigured the Resurrection and Ascension of `woman`s seed`.



 Jesus` story is of God`s `star system`, where the ascended star is humanity`s, rather than the angel, Satan`s. Michael Jackson`s story is of a human star brought low by Christianity, after the police were encouraged to paralyze him as an individual, and the lawyers thieved everything they could. Michael danced and sang `The Way You Make Me Feel` with Britney Spears at his 30th anniversary revue on September 7, 2001, before his death in 2009, and Britney Spears experienced the same attempts by the establishment to paralyze, thieve from her, and make her impoverished. A human star robbed of her children, Sean and Jayden, by a court of law, after her divorce from Kevin Federline in 2007, Britney Spears was hounded by the paparazzi. Snapping a picture of Sean`s cap falling off while she hurried to a car near Central Park by the Ritz hotel she was staying at, the paralyzing police and the criminal lawyers used the snapshot as a fulcrum for labeling her an `unfit mother`, and the courts nominated others to administer her fortune rather than that she had control of the money she earned for herself. Conservator Jason Trawick got his position as an administrator by telling the court he was her fiancée but he never married her, and so effectively the court gave her fortune to someone who said that, to paraphrase a standard Christian term for adultery, he `knew` her. Although the concept of stars being crucified in the media is so common as to be passé, the stories of Michael and Britney are so similar to that of Jesus Christ that it makes nonsense of the claims of Christianity to be representing Western civilization, culture, and art.

 Stars might say that they`re Christians, but it`s the stars that perform, not the Christians that knock them down, and who take their delight in humbling those who emulate the Ascension of Jesus. Obsessed with Resurrection, Christianity wants to humble stars by making them poor so they can reascend and then the Christians can laud the Resurrection. However, Jesus` birth wasn`t a reincarnation and knocking down stars to see them reascend is. Jesus` Resurrection was forced upon him by his murderers, whereas Christianity perceives Resurrection and Ascension as its methodology. Stars aren`t resurrected unless they want to be, which means that Christianity is a torture wheel. Stars aspire and Christians knock them down. The police are their poisonous spider paralyzing their movements, while all the thieves are criminal lawyers plotting to steal with the help of the law, and the Christians look to see who the biggest stars are so they can humble them in the name of God and wait for the stars to aspire to ascendancy again so that the police, the criminals and the Christians can plot their descent again. Jesus` life and teaching is of a star ascendant but brought low by the police, the law, and Judas Iscariot as the treacherous Christian disciple, while Jesus again rose to heaven after Resurrection, because he was `woman`s seed`, although the history of Christianity suggests that they`d have brought Jesus low again if they could, just as they sought to bring down Michael and Britney.



 Judas betrayed Jesus to Rome, because he was a modern Christian. Prefiguring the Resurrection of futanarian `woman`s seed` of women able to sexually reproduce with women, Jesus was a threat to the Empire of male braining, which Judas` treachery supported: `Mystery, Babylon the great, mother of harlots and of the abominations of the Earth.` (Rev: 17. 5) Without women`s sexual reproduction of her own brains` powers as the futanarian human species with their own penis` semen, women are sex slaves, which is why Hollywood is named for `a woman` of the Bible, who is depicted as a harlot and mother of abominations. The ancient Persian city of Babylon (c. 4000 B.C.) lies in modern Iraq, and Hollywood is centered mainly upon the city of the angels, that is, Los Angeles, on the West Coast of the state of California in the United States of America, and is called `Babylon` by the movie world, because it`s a harlot and a mother of abominations. The `Hays code` of the Movie Picture Producers and Distributors of America (MPPDA), implemented in 1930 by its President Will Hays, forbade women to raise their foot off the floor in bedroom scenes in films, because the absence of the woman`s penis in movies would contribute to the demise of the human species. In force until 1967 and the release of celebratory movies like the gentle romantic comedy, Barefoot In The Park, which effectively mocked `woman`s seed` of futanarian humanity from the vantage point of the successfully married Christian couple, actress Jane Fonda as Cory, and actor Robert Redford as Paul, the `Hays code` neutralized `woman`s seed` until Hollywood, Babylon, was firmly established as a harlot and a mother of abominations promoting `action` movies celebrating death in war. Jesus` teaching was against the male brained Empire of Rome`s warlike nature, which means that Christianity should be against the male brained Empire of Hollywood, Babylon, that poses as Christianity but is Satanical. Having brought low the futanarian star of Jesus` `woman`s seed`, Christianity Hollywood style seeks to paralyze, steal, and bring down the remnants of the stars of God, because it`s Babylon, and the city of the angels (L.A.) is where the rebel angels of Satan don`t want Jesus` futanarian star of humanity to ascend at all.

 Although Hollywood, Babylon, may be a harlot and the mother of abominations, because the male and female `leading man` and `leading lady`, which is stereotypical to the movie industry, represent the subjugation of women`s futanarian human species independence as a species able to sexually reproduce as a race without men by means of their own suppressed penis` semen for their own host wombs and brains, women aren`t naturally harlots to their own single species independent of ownership through ring slavery to male brained evil Empires. The `star system` of Hollywood, Babylon, tells women that it`s about competing for a man, and for a man it`s about competing for a woman, whereas it`s about women`s daughters being occluded from the knowledge that they`re not in competition for anything other than the love of the `girl next door` after mother`s love, `Love your neighbor as you love yourself.` (Mk: 12. 31) Women aren`t the whore of Hollywood, Babylon, which is a product of male braining, whereby everyone is a `small screen` TV star, because all are transvestite (TV) characters in male braining, wearing each others` clothes after being coached by the `big screen` of the movie industry to be its television medium of propaganda for `TV war`. As an independent single futanarian human species with her own penis` semen for her own host wombs, Pope Pius XI made the Assumption of the Virgin Mary doctrine in the Christian church in 1950, because women`s host wombs were contaminated in parasitism, and so the Pope could do no other than decree woman`s Ascension to heaven by virtue of being the host womb of the human race, while praying for her Resurrection and men`s Redemption through repentance and conversion from their sin of slaving her for her species` extinction in race war against her humanity as her alien devouring dragon grown since its days as a worm in Eden to make war men, that is, worm men, and nihilism out of women: `And the dragon stood before the woman who was about to give birth, so that when she gave birth he might devour her child.` (Rev: 12. 3) Because that`s what the unrepentant alien male brain has so far done with the human `woman`s seed` of the Earth.