De Ja Vu, or Why We Have Seen It Before

De Ja Vu, or Why We Have Seen It Before

De Ja Vu, or Why We Have Seen It Before


Recent decisions to overhaul the United States of America`s Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) after the appointment of John Brennan as director on March 8, 2013,1 begs the question: where are the security agencies failing? Brennan`s approach is to put operator and analyst together rather than have the operator feed the analyst who then makes recommendations based on the field operative`s information. Brennan`s perspective is that operator and analyst should debate and discuss the meaning of the information together before recommendations are made.2 The most famous instance of the CIA`s failure in recent years seem unrelated but in fact are closely connected. When Monica Lewinski stated that she`d given President Bill Clinton oral sex from underneath the table in the Oval Office at the President`s suggestion,3 the CIA seemed powerless to prevent the President office from being tarnished and moves were made in the Senate to impeach Bill on `moral grounds`. Closer inspection reveals that women have penis` semen of their own as `futanarian` women, which means that women are capable of sexual reproduction without men. Consequently, Monica is a member of a species independent of men, which means that her species was being persecuted when Bill Clinton was threatened with impeachment.

 The analogous framework is the Greek dramatist Sophocles` Oedipus Rex in which Oedipus marries his mother and then blinds himself because of the incest taboo (l. 791-3),4 which exists in fact to prevent the women from having sex with each other as the human species denied sexual reproduction within its own race because that would deny men`s access to a host womb. Oedipus is metaphorically blind from the start of the drama, because he kills his own unrecognized father after a chance meeting in which they quarrel. Having already eaten the woman`s penis, which is no longer mentioned in art or literature, men are effectively brainless copies of each other, and so are the women, because the human penis` semen of women is in danger of becoming extinct through disuse. Men can`t see, that is, they`re blind like Oedipus, that without women`s penis` semen the human race will remain brainless.

 Bill Clinton wasn`t threatened with impeachment on moral grounds, because there aren`t any, that is, human bodies are physically capable of only two things; obtaining food and sex. Consequently, sex is what they`re for. Only an alien would make sex taboo, which Sophocles points out in Oedipus Rex (c. 429 B.C.), that is, the incest taboo represents men`s making sex between mother and daughter taboo so that men have a host womb. In fact there`s no such thing as incest between humans, because women are the humans, and sex between mother and daughter is unlikely given the reality of the whole of the human race for the daughter to choose from if the human species is definable as the women. The attempt to impeach Clinton occurred because Monica was too close to Hilary. Just as the incest taboo would prevent Oedipus` daughter, Antigone, from having sex with her mother, Jocasta, and in fact Oedipus` self-blinding results in Antigone being pressed into serving as his eyes, which means that Antigone can`t see her own species` path to sexual reproduction with a woman who isn`t her mother, so Monica and Hilary were kept apart on `moral grounds` despite Bill having `oral sex` with Monica, which might have been a prelude to the two women meeting in a `normal` society where it`s recognized that there are three components to Earth`s sexual fabric. The attempt to impeach Bill wasn`t `moral` because it was a continuation of the Oedipus drama in which men and women are kept in brainless ignorance. A CIA operator and analyst could present that as information requiring a recommendation other than impeachment on `moral grounds`.



 Moreover, when the Al Qaeda terrorist organization operating out of Afghanistan hijacked civil airliners at Boston, Logan airport, Massachusetts on September 11, 2001, and crashed them into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York city, the CIA was blamed for not having operators who could warn of the imminence of the terrorist action, whereas analysts working independently of operators could have warned the US government based on information available. In the Middle East Islam is the religion that permits marriages with four wives, that is, a framework for `futanarian` sexual reproduction between women. An analyst could explain that the World Trade Center was chosen because `rough trade` is that `brutality and violence` sought between homosexuals during anal, that is, Al Qaeda represent misogyny, which prefers the brainlessness of warfare in which women`s species is exterminated.

 Boston`s Logan airport was chosen because of the Hollywood movie Logan`s Run (1976) in which `runners` are killed by `sandmen` before they reach 21 years of age,5 which is why the terrorists chose September 11, 2001, as the first year of the 21st century, and emphasized the attack of the `sandmen` upon the `runners` of the race, that is, the `futanarian` humans, by bombing the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013, a month after John Brennan`s appointment. Logan`s Run was a fictionalization of the forbidden `snuff` movie genre in which people are genuinely killed for the entertainment of cowardly perverts,6 which is what homosexuality and misogyny are for.

 An analyst could predict from Bill`s threatened impeachment for receiving `oral sex` from Monica Lewinski that homosexuality and misogyny was attempting to destabilize American security. The problem is that US security isn`t designed to work. Otherwise no one would care that Bill Clinton received `oral sex` from Monica Lewinski. The US` security system was built to fail, because sexual morality is based on the fiction that adultery is between married men and women they haven`t married, whereas `adultery` is definable as sex between men and women, because women aren`t men`s species:


`Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.` (John: 8. 7)


 Adultery means `adulterate`, that is, `impure`, because species` dilution is contamination and logically precedes `liquidation`, which is what CIA assassins practice as `sanctioned` killers of political opponents of the United States of America. Because `adulteration` is species contamination, `adultery` is a fiction to keep humans ignorant of the fact that their species of woman has been contaminated. Because humans are kept in ignorance, their intelligence is diluted, which suggests species` liquidation is planned by the ancient enemy of the human race. Jesus, born from his mother, the Virgin Mary, was uncontaminated by male semen, because humans aren`t. When agents of the Roman Empire occupying Palestine crucified Jesus as a `dissident` teacher, he had Resurrection and Ascension to heaven, according to the Bible, because he was `woman`s seed`, which is awaiting Resurrection, and that`s why Jesus is called `Redeemer`. In a society that didn`t perceive Monica Lewinski`s giving Bill Clinton `oral sex` as remarkable it would be difficult for homosexuality and misogyny to destabilize US security.

 The 21st century paradigm is the virus, which attacks computers as `bad machine code` created by `geeks`, while the paradigm itself is derived from the late 20th century incurable `killer disease` of HIV/AIDS spread by homosexuals mixing blood, shit and semen in each others` anuses during mockery of the human act of sexual reproduction between women. The 21st century `geeks` were the successors to Sophocles` ancient Greeks who institutionalized homosexuality in pederasty and the enslavement of the host wombs of women to spread the contagion of warfare to neighboring states. The term `geek` derives from sideshow freaks who ate the heads of chickens,7 because computer brains infected with viruses don`t function, and a human species that`s entirely `Greek`, that is, male brained, can`t function either.

 Because Monika Lewinski gave him `oral sex` under the table, Bill Clinton was supposed to be impeached, that is, US security was intended to fail. When the planes crashed into the Twin Towers, because the onboard computer systems weren`t installed that would abort a flight path that would take them into the World Trade Centre, it was because they were the equivalent of a `Trojan horse` virus in `geek` terms. New Yorkers `running around like headless chickens` is what 9/11 was designed to achieve,8 because that`s what terrorist `geeks` are for. According to the poet Homer`s Iliad (760-10 B.C.) the original `Trojan horse` was deployed by the ancient Greeks before the walls of the city of Troy as a huge hollow wooden structure taken in by the Trojans to where the Greeks emerged from within its hollow inside to capture the city of Troy and enslave the host wombs of the women in institutionalized homosexuality in pederasty and spread the contagion of devouring warfare further:


`Beware Greeks bearing gifts.`9


 The Al Qaeda terrorists were the equivalent of homosexuality in pederasty`s `biological warfare` agent, that is, the HIV/AIDS virus, and `geek` misogyny`s `bad machine code`, which infect the brain to kill the human. The analogy is of the condom as the prophylactic anti-viral agent. If homosexuality in pederasty and misogyny didn`t prevent women from sexually reproducing with each other human brains, condoms wouldn`t be necessary, that is, that `brutality and violence` associated with `rough trade`,10 and symbolized by the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, wouldn`t occur. Consequently, Monica Lewinski was the US condom that wasn`t used, because she represented a failed opportunity for the US to discard infantilism, which translates into a failure in security for which the CIA is blamed.



 Having effectively eaten the woman`s penis, women and the human race are degraded by men, and so it isn`t the security of the human species that is their concern. In Christianity the main difference is between Resurrection and reincarnation, that is, the Resurrection of `woman`s seed`, represented by Jesus born uncontaminated by male semen form his mother, the Virgin Mary, who therefore represents `futanarian` women capable of sexually reproducing their own brains` power for liberation from men with each other,11 whereas reincarnation is the belief in rebirth, and so re-enslavement.\



 In Hebrew, Jesus is `Meshiah` (Sam: 10. 1), so the Meshiahn or `Machine Age` is the future that the Messiah, who is Logos in Greek, that is, the `Word of God`,12 predicates as technology, whereas reincarnation represents the enslaving of the human as the machine that will reproduce what it has produced before. In terms of human slavery, having invented the wheel, the reincarnated will invent it again for their enslavers, who`ve killed their children so they`ll be reincarnated to invent the wheel again in ignorance of their parents` despite. Consequently, the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center was designed to reestablish homosexuality in pederasty and misogyny`s devouring warfare against the human species of woman and so slow the wheel of progress in order to maintain humans as machines, rather than liberate humans through machines, which is what Jesus as `Meshiah` predicates as the future for humankind:


`Progress, far from consisting in change, depends on retentiveness. Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.`13


 The phenomenon of de ja vu translates from the French as, `Hasn`t this happened before?` Because it`s post machine age jargon for reincarnation, where rebirth is followed by the individual reproducing what has gone before, that is, what`s already been developed by adults who`ve been murdered, so that their reborn souls can be farmed as machines to reinvent the wheel again for their children`s children to pedal as slaves while their fathers journey to the stars in heaven. Any CIA analyst could explain that the interminable instructions masquerading as training programs are an excuse for enslaving humans as machines rather than making hardware and software user friendly. The successful pedlars are the retailers who pin the tail back on the donkey,14 because the reincarnated experiencing de ja vu rebuy the goods and services they`d perforce bought in their previous incarnation, which is why their fathers killed them. To line their pockets with the same gold they`d spent that they`d killed their inventive genius entrepeneurial children before for.



 Meanwhile, the less fortunate children go off to die and win some more pedals fighting in the wars their fathers have arranged for them to be disposed of in. 9/11`s terrorist act of crashing planes hijacked at Boston, Logan airport into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York city, on Manhattan island in the state of New York in the United States of America, was based on the movie Logan`s Run in which all the children die when they reach 21 years of age, because that`s what their fathers want. If they can`t time travel, the children`s fathers arrange for the past to be brought to the future by killing the present, which is what 9/11, 2001, achieved, so their enslaved progeny can build planes as a present for their brainless fathers to kill them again.



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