Four Gated City

Four Gated City

 The Four Gated City


In the Bible the location of Eden is defined by reference to the rivers of Euphrates, Tigris, Gihon and Pishon. Adam and Eve are the first man and first woman, according to the first book of the Bible, Genesis, and Eve was responsible for the fall of mankind, because she accepted the `fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil`, that is, death, rather than the `fruit of the tree of life`, which is immortality, from the serpent, `You shall be as gods.` (Gen: 3. 5) The one true God, as Judeo-Christianity has it, expelled Adam and Eve from the garden of paradise that was Eden with the injunction upon Adam that he should labor while Eve would experience labor pain before mankind should have Redemption. When Jesus was born from the Virgin Mary, his mother, uncontaminated by male semen, Eve`s labor pain was over.



 In the United Kingdom the Labor Party is the workers` party, whereas the Conservative Party draws most of its allegiance from farmers and farming communities, because that`s where the land upon which food is grown is conserved. Capitalism emerged as the topic over which people voted as a consequence of the people`s not accepting the autocratic rule of the monarch and the aristocracy, which resulted in the English Civil war (1642-51) and democracy. The Industrial Revolution (1760-1840) demonstrated that democracy resulted in the emergence of a new aristocracy of inventors. In England Ned Ludd gave his name to the `Luddite` movement that broke cotton manufacturing equipment because it made men redundant, but the Industrial Revolution also emphasized the problem of slavery, which in the United States resulted in the American Civil war (1861-65) to manumit African slaves working in the cotton industry. The problem was that men were slaves, either literally or as what was euphemistically described as `wage slaves`, or redundant through invention, which mean that inventors were equated with the `fruit of the knowledge of good and evil`, which was death, whereas slavery to the `serpent`s seed` was:


 You shall crush the head of the serpent with your foot and he shall bruise your heel.` (Gen: 3. 15)


 God`s advice to Eve relates to her `seed`, because women have `seed` of their own as `futanarian` women, who have penis` semen of their own. The serpent crushes the head of the human race in male braining, although the `seed` of Eve will succeed.

 The developmental movement of the 20th century was Jungian psychology, which centered upon Carl Gustav Jung`s (1875-1961) theories of individuation, that is, human development as result of what he termed archetypes, which were the impulse engines of human nature existing in the dreams, art and imagination of individuals who became inventors. Humans developed because of these archetypes. The central archetype Jung identified as the anima, which Christianity calls the soul, and that appeared as a projection between a man and a woman to facilitate sexual reproduction, that is, the anima was projected onto a woman until she appeared as a subjective ideal. Jung argued that the anima functioned as a guide to individuation.

 In the Greek dramatist Sophocles` Oedipus Rex (c. 429 B. C.) Oedipus blinds himself because he marries his mother, Jocasta, which is a taboo, and Antigone, his daughter, guides his steps thereafter. Oedipus` name means `swollen foot` because Eve`s `futanarian` race is dead in the literature of the Earth, that is, man`s `foot` is swollen headed or egotistical to the point of lameness and the `lame excuse` that wars are fought to defend the civilization that Eve and her daughters have produced from their host wombs despite men`s enslaving of them to prosecute their wars against her race in a racism that doesn`t want her `futanarian` foot to escape from their gravity.


 `One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.`1


 Oedipus is metaphorically blind from the beginning of Sophocles` play because he`s `Everyman` who wants to come between women, because without women he`d be redundant. Consequently, men`s fear of redundancy is at the center of their monogamous slave ring. Even in Moslem Islam where four wives are permitted in marriage so that `futanarian` women can sexually reproduce with each other, misogynist regimes like the Taliban, which produced Afghanistan`s terrorist group, Al Qaeda, that hijacked planes and crashed them into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, can establish `rough trade`, that is, the `violence and brutality` of homosexuality in pederasty and war against `woman`s seed`:


 `The woman was given [a] ... place prepared for her in the wilderness, where she would be taken care of for a time, times and half a time, out of the serpent's reach.` (Rev: 12. 14)


 Jesus` encounter with the serpent Satan grown since its days in Eden took place in the desert where he spent forty days and forty nights being tempted with being given the Earth, that is, the ring of slavery of the `serpent`s seed`, which is ephemerality in death for a human species made to spend money on war and death rather than the science of health and rejuvenation that would ensure longevity for `woman`s seed` and the long memory needed to remember the enemy in order to defeat it.



 Democracy began in ancient Greece where host womb slavery of women was the norm in homosexuality in pederasty and the spread of wars contagion. Democracy without `woman`s seed` is evil, which Jesus` birth and death amidst the horrors of the Empire of Rome in Jewish occupied Palestine illustrated. Called a `dissident` for preaching to women and their daughters, `Love your neighbor as you love yourself,` (Matt: 22. 39) Jesus was nailed to a wooden cross upon the hill of Calvary outside Jerusalem and tortured to death before his Resurrection and Ascension to heaven illustrated what God had planned for Eve`s `seed` of women.

 Carl Jung associated the four gated city with the four functions of consciousness; `Thinking, Sensation, Feeling and Intuition`. According to Jungian psychology the four functions existed in an unconscious state he associated with ears, eyes, mouth and sense of smell (nose). In undifferentiated form the functions were instinctual whereas in differentiated from they were spiritual or intellectual and the basis of invention. Consequently, those four senses were what the `serpent`s seed` sought to enslave. Sophocles` story of Oedipus` blindness as `Everyman` was a basic illustration. As the human host betrayed by Judas Iscariot, the disciple, at Jesus` `Last Supper` for the disciples, where he offered `bread and wine` as symbols of his `body and blood`, was another. Judas betrayed the human host because Jesus was `woman`s seed` against the male braining Empire of Rome. In male braining the children are taught to ask for death so they can go to heaven:


 `Our Father, Who art in heaven

Hallowed be Thy Name;

Thy kingdom come,

Thy will be done,

on earth as it is in heaven.` (Matt: 6. 9-13)


 The `Lord`s Prayer` is used by the `serpent`s seed` to promote death in homosexuality in pederasty and war through male braining. Humans want to die coerced by the collective strength of the male brain which prefers slavery for `woman`s seed` rather than freedom from dependence. Children are the prey of the fathers who ride up to heaven on the whipped backs of their child`s enslavement. Religion is described as the `opium of the masses`,2 because enslaving the senses is but an aspect of the will of the `serpent`s seed` that the `seed` of the woman will not escape extinction upon the Earth. Although Karl Marx was criticized by capitalist democracy for his perception that workers should control the means of production for the social good, if the host wombs of women are the producers, Marx is substantially correct. Women`s suffrage was a hard fought victory for the democratic principle after World War One (1914-18) in which the male brain had coerced a generation to kill itself on the battlefields of France to stop German Imperialism, but  the absence of `futanarian` sexual reproduction means that the democratic process is false. In Islam four wives are permitted because the principle of sexual reproduction between women is admitted, but most Moslem nations are ruled by autocrats, which means that the possibility of a democracy based on 80% women and 20% men is obviated:


 `Mystery, Babylon the great, mother of harlots and of the abominations of the Earth.` (Rev: 17. 5)


 The historical Eden is situated where Babylon arose in Iraq which has the Euphrates and Tigris rivers within its borders. According to the Bible Babylon is `a woman`, which means that the Babylonian Empire arose from male braining and the death of `woman`s seed` in slavery and pederasty`s wars. In Western `democracy`, Hollywood is called `Babylon`, because of the absence of `woman`s seed` from mainstream film, and other forms of mass media entertainment masquerading as education; including news reports of global crises which don`t explain the basic issue of `Women`s Rights` first proclaimed by Emily Pankhurst`s suffragettes before, during, and after World War One. In Yugoslavia during the Bosnian war (1992-95) `rape camps` were set up by Christian Serbs to male brain a generation of Moslems in Islam to thwart `futanarian` women`s sexual reproduction and prevent their escaping the collective strength of the male brain`s command that she and her children should die.



 Because the four functions of Jungian consciousness, that is, `Thinking, Sensation, Feeling and Intuition`, are associated with the `four senses`, that is, ears, eyes, mouth (speech) and sense of smell (nose), Jung saw the developed human totality of the individuated `Self` as a `four gated heavenly city` continuously bathed by the human equivalent of the Euphrates, Tigris, Gihon and Pishon rivers of paradise. After God creates a `new heaven and Earth`, according to the Bible, the evil are given unendurable eternal pain as their punishment for preferring death in slavery for humanity, which suggests that humanity`s senses are enslaved and that Oedipus` metaphorical and literal blindness is but a single aspect of the war of the `serpent`s seed` on humanity. Because water is a central prophylactic in baptism and a tool used to remove adult sin, liberation from enslavement through intellectual differentiation of the four functions of consciousness is an integral aspect of Christianity`s belief system because progress is by invention.

 Christianity`s mistake is to ally itself with Communism. The regimes of the 20th century that espoused `book burning` and the extermination of the intellectual within the social fabric were primarily the Christian right as represented by the elected Chancellor of the German National Socialist Party, Adolf Hitler, who initiated a pogrom of extinction against the `chosen people` of the Bible, that is, the Jews, during World War Two`s attempts to reestablish German Imperialism (1939-45), and the communist regimes of Russia`s Joseph Stalin, Cambodia`s Pol Pot, and China`s Mao Tse Tung, who engaged in the incarceration and extermination of those with intellect enough to constitute a threat to slavery in homosexuality in pederasty`s wars against the human race.

 In Judaism it isn`t possible to be born a Jew except from a woman, which means women are Jews and the `chosen people`, and so Jesus` birth uncontaminated by male semen from his mother, the Virgin Mary, as `woman`s seed` is a reinforcing of the position. Moslem Islam developed from  Abraham`s wife, Sara`s barrenness after giving birth to Isaac, founder of Judaism because Sara gave her maid to Abraham and Hajer gave birth to Ishmael who founded Islam through his descendant the Prophet Mohamed six hundred and more years after the death of Jesus who said that a Holy Spirit would teach after him. According to Moslem tradition, the Koran (610-30 C. E.) of Islam was dictated to Mohamed by means of the spirit through his intellect, and the principle of more than one wife is celebrated by the annual `Haj` pilgrimage, named for Hajer by Moslems in Islam, because `woman`s seed` are the `chosen people` that `book burners` and anti-intellectuals seek to exterminate. The `serpent`s seed` succeeded in possessing the senses of humanity to the extent that Christianity defends the Jewish state of Israel against Islamic terrorism, although traditionally the Jews and the Christians are `the people of the book` to Moslems, because the Koran contains histories of Abraham and Jesus similar to those of the Old Testament and the New Testament, while the Jews don`t accept Jesus Christ`s teaching because he`s `woman`s seed`, and so the human race has lost its senses to the `serpent`s seed` of death in slavery to war.

 Although the mystery of the whores` story is explicable as the male braining of the products of the host womb of women in order to found the Babylonian Empire, the Greek horse story is similarly mysterious. The poet Homer in his Iliad (c. 429 B.C.) relates how the Greeks built a huge hollow wooden horse which the Trojans took into the city of Troy where the Greeks hidden inside emerged to enslave the host wombs of the women for homosexuality in pederasty and war and so spread their `disease` further. By the late 20th century men`s mixing of blood, shit and semen in each others` anuses had spread the `biological war` further when the incurable `killer disease` of HIV/AIDS emerged from their `brotherly love`:


 `Men cursed the God of heaven for their pains and their sores but refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev: 16. 11)


 To prevent `woman`s seed` from developing the memory that ephemerality denied her as a slave to war in the collective strength of homosexuality in pederasty`s male brained command to die, the `geek` computer programing successors to the Greeks infected computers with viruses modelled after HIV/AIDS and called `Trojan` to spread the killers of the human species` contagion further. Because `futanarian` women are capable of sexually reproducing with women without men, they need whores, that is, Trojan horse viruses, to penetrate the `four gated city` of God`s paradise, which is why men`s HIV/AIDS replaced other STDs as the human species` `killer`, because the inventor had been thoughtful enough to provide women with condoms, so that the creator could remember her penis` semen and resurrect her race to heaven.

 The serpent in the garden of Eden `spying` on Adam and Eve was a `bugger` waiting to spread its infection, which is what the `serpent`s seed` is. If Eve`s race was `futanarian` to begin with, then Adam was a woman with a penis, that is, a `futanarian` woman, and the serpent was what men teach humans to think of as a man:


 `So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.` (Gen: 1. 27)


 If Eden was God`s garden of paradise, Adam and Eve were living inside the `four gated city` of God, that is, God`s ears, eyes, mouth (speech) and nose (breath), which suggests that the serpent was an infection. In parasitology the parasite infects the host in order to live by feeding upon its dying victim, which suggests that, if women were `futanarian`, men are the parasite that stole women`s penis and infect her womb as the host to their parasitism while the species endeavors to develop labor saving technologies to escape from slavery and death, and that`s the reason men wage war; to kill the escape attempt.

 On March 23, 1983, US President Ronald Reagan announced the `Strategic Defense Initiative` (SDI), a `space and missile based system` to defend the Earth from rogue states using nuclear weapons. The initiative was called `Star Wars` after the movie Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope (1977) in which actress Carrie Fisher, as Princess Leia, was engaged to `star` in a stereotypical Hollywood, Babylon, plot. There were no women in the film, because the penis of women had been made taboo by Will Hays, the President of the Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America (MPPDA), whose `Hays code` (1930-67) prevented a woman`s `foot` from being seen to raise itself from the floor in bedroom scenes, `One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.` The assertion by Apollo 11 astronaut Neil Armstrong of the North American Space Administration`s mission to put a man on the moon was but a step to imprisoning `woman`s seed` upon the Earth so that Ronald `Ray Gun` Reagan could finish what Hitler recommenced.



 Reagan`s `special relationship` was with the UK`s Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, who sent a carrier fleet task force to the invaded Falkland Islands in 1982 to remove the HItlerian forces of Argentina`s dictator, General Galtieri, and restore at least the semblance of democracy. Thatcher`s predecessor in the Conservative Party was Edward Heath who was known for dismantling the Welfare State that the UK`s Labor Party government had established after World War Two to care for the population `from the cradle to the grave`, a promise of which successive governments found themselves unable or unwilling to honor.



 Although Margaret Thatcher was labeled `milk snatcher` by people made irate by her decision to stop giving children milk at school to save government money, it was Heath`s program to replace the 240 penny pound with a 100 penny pound coinage and institute decimal meters to replace the yard of measurement that began the metering process in people`s lives. Water metering reflected the new ideology, which was that people should die and not burden the state. Ostensibly water metering saved water, but the hidden agenda was that people used water and so should be metered to assess their usefulness. Behind that agenda was the perception that saving water was more important. Although Michael Foot was the Labor Party Prime Minister after Margaret, resurrecting the welfare state to save the `foot` of Eve`s `woman`s seed` was aborted by the Conservative Party`s measuring `futanarian` humanity by coffin meter. Means testing to see if people deserved help from the state made Heath a `Blue Meanie`:


 `A thing of beauty; destroy it forever!`4



 Although The Beatles` pop group cartoon film, Yellow Submarine (1968), which included the song of a generation, `All You Need Is Love`, parodied the Conservatives, whose color was blue rather than the red of Labor, the blue meanies were serious. The Beatles` Yellow Submarine was a part of the psychedelic counter culture deriving much of its attraction from kids` lack of knowledge about the dangers and supposed benefits of hallucinogenic drugs like lysergic acid much favored by the group`s spokesperson, John Lennon, who`d written the song `Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds` to celebrate `LSD` as lysergic acid was known:


`Picture yourself in a boat on a river,

With tangerine trees and marmalade skies;

Somebody calls you, you answer quite slowly:

A girl with kaleidoscope eyes!`5



 The drug Xanax is called `Yellow Submarine` by addicts, and addiction to mind destroying drugs is another way in which the `four gated city` of the `Self` is besieged by `the man` as humanity`s virus in homosexuality and pederasty`s war against the intellect of the inventor of escape to the planets and stars of heaven through labor saving rather than the delusion of wage slavery in parasitism and death to the host. Although the air isn`t ostensibly metered by the male brainers, drugs such as Adderall, which is called `blue meanie` and contains small balls, provide clues to the thinking of the `serpent`s seed`. Adolf Hitler`s Nazis used amphetamine as a substitute for cocaine, which is called `nose candy` because of the method of inhaling, when `the chosen` people were being exterminated, that is, when the Nazis had had her all, and where the `woman`s seed` of `futanarian` humanity is the subject of the death sentence.



 The Nazis castrated the human race of `futanarian` woman so she can`t sexually reproduce her own brains` powers for technological liberation. With drug addicts it`s literal truth, because the small balls inside drugs like Xanax capsules represent what testicle inhalers do, so that they have the air of men. Jesus said that the Holy Spirit would teach after him, and the `serpent`s seed` don`t want `woman`s seed` teaching in the spirit after they`ve extinguished her physically. The serpent of Eden was a farmer and Eve`s `seed` were `futanarian` women for those addicted to testicle inhalation. When Eve`s `seed` was extinct physically, the race of women lived in the immortal spirit body, according to the wisdom of Jesus` teaching, and so the new pharmacopoeia is how addicts translate themselves into altered states so that the men of their air can snort women`s balls again.



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