Miley`s Nae Nae Kid

Miley`s Nae Nae Kid

Miley`s Nae Nae Kid


Freemasonry is officially described as an organization for those interested in business and is loosely associated with the concept of building and architecture, where God is accepted as the Great Architect of the cosmos, and so God is the impelling urge of the mason to build and profit in human ways. Consequently, masons are associated with the building of hospices and orphanages, for example, which otherwise wouldn`t be built, because they represent human ways. Although the Scottish Rite isn`t recognized by the Grand Lodge, which comprises the body of freemasonry, Master masons practice to gain more experience of freemasonry.



 Because `nae` is `no` in the Scots` speech, the Scottish Rite is to be descried in the `Nae nae` step, which is the dance popularized by Miley Cyrus, who was looking for a new step to start a dance craze after wobbling her ass to see if it `twerked`. Because the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite isn`t recognized by the Grand Lodge,1 it`s an additional step that is designed to be for those who want the new. The `Nae nae` routine isn`t new and can be discerned in the movie Zulu (1964),2 for example, in which spearsmen charge forward with their spears raised high. They`re the `cheerleaders` for the warriors who stop and, throwing their spears into the ground point first, cheer for the others to go forward. In the `Nae nae` step Miley takes the role of Zulu `cheerleader`, which illustrates a generation who won`t understand.



 Jesus` meeting with a man on the road near the town of Gadarene illustrates what happens when humans don`t understand what`s happening to them. The man has demons, `My name is legion.` (Mk: 5. 9) Because the Roman legions occupied Palestine for the Roman Empire at the period of Jesus` teaching, the man`s demons represent `legion`, `For we are many.` (Mk: 5. 9) Because Rome is the Empire that sent the legions to Palestine. When Jesus has the demons leave the man, they enter pigs and the pigs run off a cliff and drown in the sea, because that`s what instructed humans do if commanded by those who don`t want them. Consequently, the `Nae nae` dance is what Zulu `cheerleaders` do, because it exhorts war. Because `nae` in the Scots` speech means `no`, the `Nae nae` war dance translates as a `no no`, that is, it`s forbidden, rather than permitted. It`s a common problem with pop stars, who perceive fame and money as immortality, that children aren`t the future. As lead guitarist Pete Townshend of The Who wrote for their 1966 track, `Substitute`, it`s a false perception that children die for a while, `I hope I die before I get old (talkin' 'bout my generation).`3 The Who`s song `My Generation`, like other songs of the period, confused a generation that reincarnation was Jesus` promise of Resurrection:


`I look pretty young, but I'm just backdated, yeah.`4



 Dead people don`t develop, but their killers don`t care, because they want reincarnation from their mother`s host wombs when she starts dating again after she`s reincarnated, which is why new men and boys are taught to care for their mother, because old men have killed her. Reincarnation is indiscriminate in terms of a host womb, so return to the original mother isn`t likely for the reincarnated. What that means is that men don`t want reincarnation, or their mother, but to live without their mother producing a rival, which is the epitome of the rock star approach. They don`t want rivals. Consequently, the cult of the mother is a sham for men and boys who don`t understand that old men don`t want women at all, because that`d interfere with their longevity. In simple terms, they want to be old men without rivals, so boys and women aren`t wanted, which is why there are so many wars:


`And the dragon stood before the woman who was about to give birth, so that when she gave birth he might devour her child.` (Rev: 12. 4)


 Unfortunately, pop star Zulu `cheerleader` egoism is equivalent to Jesus` command for the legion to enter into pigs and run off a cliff, that is, the audience are the pigs that won`t receive Resurrection, and the inexperienced `cheerleader` doesn`t accept that he/she will die, and be reincarnated, but that he/she will go on to exhort the audience. As a Jew, Jesus was amongst the people that the Roman legions wanted to command. Although it isn`t popular to raise the issue, the Palestine Jews invaded Canaan from Egypt, during the period of Rameses II, so the Palestinians in Israel are the remnants of the Canaanites that were commanded to die by the Israelis, which meant that pigs running off a cliff to die wasn`t new. After converting to the Moslem faith of Islam, from the book of the Koran (610-30 C.E.), which was dictated by the angels to the Prophet Mohamed, according to Moslem tradition, from the history of the Jews and the life of Jesus, argued against the re-establishment of a Jewish homeland in Palestine in 1948, when the British Empire agreed to leave, and were widely reported as seeking to drive:


`... the Jews into the sea.`5



 Because that`s what the commanded do. The history of the Middle East, before and after Jesus, was that of pigs running off a cliff to die, because they were commanded to. The reason is the male brain. Islam arose after Abraham took his wife Sara`s maid, Hajer, as a `second wife`. Israel was of the lineage of Sara`s Isaac while Islam owes its lineage to Hajer`s Ishamael, which is why the Moslems pilgrimage to Mecca to the temple of Abraham in Saudi Arabia is called `Haj` after Hajer, that is, the Palestine Moslems and Christians in Israel are Jews that differ from Judaeo-Christianity because more than one wife is permitted in marriage. The reason is that Hajer is conceivably Sara`s wife. Women can sexually reproduce with each other and, as `futanarian` women with their own penis` semen and host womb, that`s how human brains are produced. The Roman legions were male brained by male semen and so commandable. Jesus was born uncontaminated by male semen from his mother, the Virgin Mary, and so uncommandable by those who commanded the legions of Rome. Although Hajer would be a slave in Christianity and Judaism`s monogamy, which is determined by male braining, that`s what Jesus` birth as redeeming `woman`s seed` illustrates. The Arabs spoke of `driving the Jews into the sea` in 1948, because that`s what male brains under command do. The issue for humanity is who is commanding the race, because the race to the sea is what racism is.

 In Islam the possibility of `futanarian` sexual reproduction within the Moslem family of four wives is Redemption. The `Nae nae` dance step derives from a cross-dressing character in the situation comedy, Martin (1992-97), starring Martin Lawrence, who acted in several different comedic roles and occasionally appeared as Sheneneh Jenkins. The irony of television is that `TV` is the abbreviated form for transvestite, which is what cross-dressing is. Because there aren`t any `futanarian` characters on `TV` that`s what television is for; to convince audiences that women can`t sexually reproduce with each other. Consequently, the `Nae nae` step, named for Martin Lawrence`s character, Sheneneh Jenkins, is a proclaiming of extinction of the human species through warfare.



 Jesus` encounter with the man on the road near the town of Gadarene, who had the demon `legion`, represents the danger of accepting command, because pigs run off a cliff and die for commanders. Consequently, Miley Cyrus` `Nae nae` dance step, as a derivative of a Zulu war dance, is what commanded `cheerleaders` do for commanders. However, audience aren`t soldiers, which means that the `Nae nae` kids` step means just that for dead soldiers, that is, `no kids`. During the Indo-China war (1946-89), the average age of the US troops was 19, which ravaged a generation of conscripts. Although pop stars are `cheerleaders`, Christians don`t want reincarnation; they want Resurrection and Ascension to heaven. Consequently, making Zulu `Nae nae` kids` war dance steps isn`t the Scottish Rite of passage for those who believe in Resurrection and Redemption, but ghoulish jeering at the conscripts who`ll die because, although pop culture depends on stars returning, dead soldiers want Resurrection, rather than reincarnation as egotists:


`At night we ride through the mansions of glory in suicide machines.`6



 If Jesus` Resurrection and Ascension to heaven is meant to be taken seriously by Christians, exhorting humans to run off cliffs like pigs isn`t likely to be received by God and the angels as a backstage pass for the heavenly realm. Bruce Springsteen was known in the United States of America as `the Boss`, and although 1975`s `Born To Run` was the track that made his reputation, pigs running off a cliff and drowning is what that `cheerleader` expressed, and is what The Rolling Stones` Mick Jagger sang of in 1969 with `Sympathy For The Devil`:


`...  I was 'round when Jesus Christ

Had his moment of doubt and pain.

Made damn sure that Pilate

Washed his hands and sealed his fate.`7



 Although Mick is singing in the third person singular, that is, as a character within the song`s lyrics, the audience are pigs that run off a cliff and drown if they accept the lyric as Mick`s command, which is why pop stars are sometimes accused of incitement. Because `nae` means `no` in the Scots` speech, to kids `Nae nae` means `naked`, but nae kids is nothing new. Miley Cyrus appears naked in her video single for `Wrecking Ball`, from the album, Bangerz (2013), and showed `Tied Up`, that is, an extended clip from the movie, Forbidden Zone 2, featuring footage of her bound and blinded for the audience on her stage show tour. But paralysis and blindness isn`t something to be cheered for. The `cheerleader` has got it wrong, because the humans don`t want to be blind and paralyzed after being run off a cliff and failing to die for her.



 According to Freemasonry the Scottish Rite is concerned with the generation of what`s new, because business and profit in human terms is associable with the novel. Consequently, the `Nae nae` dance step is new to Americans and the target audience, but old to Africans who`ve practiced it for generations in their tribal rituals. The Scottish Rite isn`t Scotland`s, because there`s a difference between what`s Scots` related, and a matter for the Scots. The `Nae nae` dance is Scots because it`s in their speech. If `Nae nae` is based on Zulu `cheerleading`, the Scots` commander mightn`t agree to Miley Cyrus` bound and blind, or running pigs off a cliff, as a role model for a generation who know the US Marine Corps ballad, and mightn`t want to practice the Scottish Rite, based on Zulu command signals, as future wartime conscripts influenced by a pop star:


`From the Halls of Moctezuma

To the Shores of Tripoli ...`8



 Rather than reincarnation the troops would prefer Resurrection and Ascension to heaven, which isn`t Jesus` illustration for those who possess others in order to command them to run off a cliff like pigs and die. In Hinduism and Buddhism reincarnation is the main theme for those who`ve reputedly committed acts or offences against humanity and God that cause them to receive reincarnation rather than Resurrection and Ascension to heaven. Those religions call it `karma` that an individual is reincarnated, rather than has Resurrection, which is Redemption from possession by a commander. There is a progressive degradation from the human to the animal in `karma`, where such creatures as pigs are depicted as possessing the spirits of humans, and that`s why pigs are `haraam` in Islam, that is, forbidden, and that`s also the case in Judaism. Pigs are symbols of human degeneration through the accumulation of `karma`, which are acts or offences against humanity that incur reincarnation and degeneration, rather than Resurrection and Redemption. If reincarnation is a reality, rather than a belief system, causing people to seek paralysis and blindness and command them to run off a cliff and drown like pigs is liable to affect the reincarnated individual`s chances of being reincarnated as a human, rather than an animal, or as a humanoid animal, which is what Jesus` teaching of Redemption, by rejecting possession, is designed to avoid.



 On April 17, 1961, a United States` Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) sponsored paramilitary brigade, 2506, comprised of 1400 Cuban exiles, staged an invasion of Cuba which was known as `The Bay Of Pigs`, because of the heavy casualties ending in defeat against the forces of Cuban dictator, Fidel Castro, who personally led the repelling force. Although the pigs weren`t running off a cliff and drowning, the Cuban exiles were directed by the CIA to their deaths in `The Bay Of Pigs` because Jesus` teaching that pigs run off a cliff and die when commanded was what the event illustrated. Consequently, pop stars who try to direct young minds by using dance routines like `Nae nae`, resembling Zulu cheerleading, are either CIA, or unacceptable to humans, who don`t want to die uselessly in wars orchestrated by warmongers:


 `No more war pigs have the power,

Hand of God has struck the hour.

Day of judgment God is calling,

On their knees the war pig's crawling.

Begging mercies for their sins,

Satan laughing spreads his wings.`9



 The Black Sabbath song, `War Pigs`, from the album, Paranoid (1970), again illustrates Jesus` teaching that reincarnated humans are directable by `war pigs`, if they degenerate into animals, `Generals gather in their masses, just like witches at black masses.` Of course it`s necessary to accept the premise of reincarnation to critically appraise the behavior of humans possessed by `legion` commanders, that is, the pigs` signs aren`t visible unless `karma` is accepted as real, which means reincarnation has to be accepted as a fact rather than a postulate; otherwise it wouldn`t be possible to read. Consequently, although it`s readable that people die, they don`t necessarily have Resurrection and Ascension, but the rich and powerful have found a way of sending generations to their deaths, while ensuring their own continuance before being reincarnated in the same, or new, positions of richness and power, which is what Satanism is. The CD cover for Britney Spears` single, `Piece Of Me`, features the singer on a wooden cross like the one Jesus was nailed upon to be tortured to death by the Romans as a `dissident`, because he had Resurrection and Ascension as `woman`s seed`. If Britney`s recorded the song before, there`s been a `blackout` and a reincarnation, which is what the song`s lyrics suggest:


`I'm Miss bad media karma;

Another day another drama.

Guess I can't see the harm

In working and being a mama,

And with a kid on my arm

I'm still an exceptional earner;

And you want a piece of me?`10


 Britney`s lyric contains the perception that she`s reincarnated because she has karma. Herself on the cover of the CD single release, `Piece Of Me`, shows her awareness of the meaning of Christianity. She wants Resurrection and Ascension to heaven, and she doesn`t want karma. If a woman is tempted by a stallion, it`s because she wants sex with her own species of `futanarian` woman with her own penis` semen, but men deny that to her, which means that she`s being denied human sex. Men are the animals that won, because women`s host wombs should be for each other:


 `Mystery, Babylon the great, mother of harlots and of the abominations of the Earth.` (Rev: 17. 5)


 The male brained race of humans is an abomination that produces `war pigs`. Although Babylon was the ancient seat of Iraq in Persia, which gave birth to the Gulf wars, `Babylon` is what the Hollywood movie capital of the world in Los Angeles, California, is known as, because the woman`s penis is forbidden there, while `war pigs` is what the film industry presents as usual fare; for example, Independence Day (1996), a science fiction story of the future in which several major cities across the United States are graphically destroyed by invaders for the entertainment of the cinema audience throughout the world. The cover of the DVD for home entertainment features a laser blasting through the roof of the President`s official residence in Washington, D.C., the Whitehouse, before Washington D.C. is destroyed, whereas the hijacked planes that crashed into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York `live on CNN`, and other news networks on September 11, 2001, precipitated an invasion of the Gulf in March 2003 to depose Iraq`s dictator, Saddam Hussein, who`d supported the terrorist action and had invaded Kuwait in 1990, before being driven out by the Americans. The male brain is a `war pig` activated on 9/11 through an attack on the World Trade Center by `rough trade`, which is why the World Trade Center was chosen. Homosexuals don`t need women. As the Moslem marriage of four wives contains the promise of sexual reproduction between women, they`re `woman`s seed`, which is how Jesus is described by Christianity uncontaminated by male semen, and so the Gulf wars were an attack on Judaeo-Christianity by the West.

 The `Nae nae` dance routine popularized by Miley Cyrus is accompanied in the film Zulu by a war chant, because the film is set during the period of the Boer war at Rourke`s Drift on January 22-23, 1879. The British `thin red line` is being attacked by Zulus in South Africa as they resist Empire. Although the Zulus weren`t children, spears were of no use against guns, and so the Zulus represented an undeveloped child in terms of nationhood. Miley`s `Nae nae` dance steps represent the desire that the child remain undeveloped and `naked`, that is, the kids remain vulnerable to attack. Although the Scottish Rite isn`t recognized by the Grand Lodge in Britain, the United States of America does recognize it, which suggests it`s American and the `Nae nae` is a declaiming:


`... got my hand up in the air and I rock it side to side, man my dance is everywhere.`11



 The Afro-American group We Are Toonz`s lyric, from their song, `Drop That Nae Nae` (2013), is suggestive of African spears more than Miley Cyrus` `Nae nae` dance step, which involves walking forwards and raising the hand to make a swaying movement in exhortation. The `Nae nae` dance is addressed to kids, and is the linguistic equivalent of an exhortation to `get naked`, whereas Eve and Adam`s embellishing their nakedness, that is, childlessness, is preparation for children and war, because that`s history. Consequently, the `Nae nae` exhortation is `no` to kids, in terms of the Scottish Rite, that is, naked childlessness, which appears a return to Eden but is a delusion based on the promise of youth. The perception of the young is that they`re doomed to die like their parents, but that results from poor medicine and war, because they waste their resources on war. Longevity and memory represent the same species` valence, which means that the slaver wants ephemerality, so that the reincarnated human doesn`t remember, and doesn`t have brains to be more than naked and vulnerable. The solution is to spend money on eternal youth treatment, rather than the kids` wars. Exhorting the kids with the `Nae nae` Zulu chant is, in the Scots` speech, `no` to kids, that is, eternal youth is preferable to being a war kid. The younger woman, who raises her spear to exhort the kids to war against older civilizations, where older women live, who don`t want war to destroy their culture, is representative of a species that`s lost its memory through ephemerality based on slavery.

 In humanity`s original paradisal home of Eden, according to the Bible, the `serpent` gave Eve the `fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil`, that is, death, rather than the `fruit of the tree of life`, which is immortality. Ashamed, Eve and Adam covered themselves, which was new, and represents the basis for that newness Scottish Rite adepts want to learn how to produce. God expelled Eve and Adam from paradise, and told Eve she`d experience labor pain, while Adam must labor, or they`d never have heaven, because they`d be redeemed by labor. Eve`s labor pain ended with the birth of Jesus as `woman`s seed`, from the host womb of his mother, the Virgin Mary, uncontaminated by male semen, which was new, while Adam`s labor was to accept woman`s new `futanarian` nature, because the serpent grown in full size to the dragon of war would devour humanity if `woman`s seed` didn`t prevail after human sexual reproduction began to be enslaved. Although Jesus` birth was new, the birth of `futanarian` women, with their own penis` semen and host womb, would have been equally new after Eden. Freemasonry is often accused of Satanism, which is a war of extinction against the human species perpetrated by the `serpent`s seed`, because it doesn`t want `woman`s seed`, that is, Jesus` mother`s `seed`. However, God told Eve in the paradise of Eden:


`You shall crush the head of the serpent with your foot, but he shall bruise your heel.` (Gen: 3. 15)


 Women`s `futanarian` foot will crush the head of Satan, because she`ll sexually reproduce her own brains` powers for humanity. What the `serpent`s seed` produce is warfare, which isn`t new. Consequently, the `Scottish Rite` prepares individual`s for business and profit through what is new to humanity, which is `futanarian` humanity. Freemasons are accused of Satanism because they espouse men, and slavery for women, who`re the humans. The Grand Lodge doesn`t prevent practice of the `Scottish Rite`, because it represents humanity`s future, but all of the visible signs indicate that blind paralysis in slavery to men, as the slavers of women`s host wombs for the production of wars in which the male brained are directed by their commanders to be a legion of pigs running off a cliff to drown, is what humans have.

 The `Nae nae` kids` dance steps relate to nudity, that is, nakeds, and that prelapsarian state that existed when Adam and Eve were childless in the paradise of Eden, and before they accepted the `serpent`s seed` of slavery to ephemerality in death, which is a different form of childlessness. Longevity would give women memory, but men don`t want her to remember her own penis` semen as `futanarian`, because that would give her the child she needs, represented by Jesus` teaching as `woman`s seed`, from his mother, the Virgin Mary, uncontaminated by male semen, `Love your neighbor as you love yourself.` (Mk: 12. 31) If women are to sexually reproduce their own brainpower to liberate themselves through technological progress, loving the woman next door is the first step, because men won`t want them to. As there aren`t any well known `futanarian` women in Western culture, and women in the Moslem nations traditionally wear the one-piece coverall of the burkha to retain their privacy in public, `futanarian` sexual reproduction between women isn`t in the popular imagination due to `blackout`, that is, censorship.

 Miley Cyrus` promulgating images of paralysis and blindness in promotional videos, like `Tied Up`,12 or war dances, like the `Nae nae` kids` routine, actually promote women`s suffering. While presenting herself as a Messiah empowering youth, Miley Cyrus `Nae nae` Zulu war dance taunts the victimizers of those poor girls who`re more naked and vulnerable. In a male brained society there aren`t any female children free from male semen, which is what `nae kids` means to practitioners of the `Scottish Rite` who seek to further humanity rather than enslave and keep it in ephemerality awaiting extinction by the `serpent`s seed` of war. Where all of the nakeds are men, because all of the people have male brains, everyone is a cross-dresser for the `TV wars` in the Gulf and elsewhere against Christianity. The `Nae nae` kids` dance step is a Zulu command from a `cheerleader` for the kids on the dance floor to run off a cliff and die, and that step isn`t new. The women don`t remember, because they do die, and men keep them in ephemeral technological poverty to ensure that the human race remains dead.



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