Ra Boats, Row Boats and Robots

Ra Boats, Row Boats and Robots


Ra Boats, Row Boats and Robots


In ancient Egyptian mythology the boat of Ra is the vessel that carries the Ka, that is, the spirit, and the soul, which is the body driven by the spirit, to heaven. The Ka and Ba become the `magical personality` or Akh, and correspond to the car park, that is, the Ka Ba Akh, where the human vehicle waits for the boat of Ra to heaven. The simpler analogy is of the row boat, which requires the human individuals to paddle so that the other side is reached. The row boat is analogous to the robot, which is a machine that takes the human to the other side, as a starship might in science fiction TV series like Star Trek (1965-), but the ship has to be built before the humans are liberated from labour. The car park of the Ka Ba Akh represents the constructing of the `magical personality` (Akh) capable of producing a vehicle that will construct such a liberating robot as a starship. Lieutenant Commander Data in Star Trek: The Next Generation is the `magic personality` of the robot who understands that romantic love isn`t relevant to care and so he`s a better human because he`s a labour saver and so a savior:


`With regard to romantic relationships, there is no real me.`1



 Saviors are savers of the human race, because they liberate from drudgery, and so a robot that saves is genuine Christian `Salvation`. Lieutenant Data is Meshiah in the Judaiac sense, where Jesus is deemed the possible Meshiah but not proven by Christianity to Judaism because he`s the herald of the Meshiahn Age, that is, the Age of the Machine, as `Logos` or pre-technology. Data is Meshiahn because he cares for humans better than they can and so is a better human; though a machine. As machines improve, humans no longer have to work at menial tasks, because they`re free; to be human. So long as the machine is maintained, liberty remains, which means the human must accept the value of the machine and not seek to enslave. Slavery is what occurs when the liberated want to maintain their luxurious lifestyle and so produce children to perform menial tasks that are unnecessary. Some children may produce something new and so are valuable slaves, whereas the rest of the humans and labor saving machines remain menial operable devices with a child`s limited capacity to liberate:


`It is apparent that my reach has exceeded my grasp in this particular area. I am, perhaps, not nearly so human as I aspire to become.`2



 The human needs the machine to liberate, or remain a slave to the operator. Data is the Akh or `magical personality` of the Ka, which is the spirit of the humans upon the Earth that wants to escape in starships. In the Old Testament of the Bible the ship of the Ark is depicted as being constructed when God sent a flood to drown the Earth, while the Ark of the Covenant containing the law of God was how the distressed post-antediluvian humans supplicated God afterwards.  The `chosen people` were enslaved by the Egyptians, but escaped with their Ark of the Covenant, which represented the Akh or `magical personality` of Egypt. The descendants of Noah, who built the first Ark or ship, were the Jews who escaped with the second Ark of the Covenant, which continued to represent God`s promise of land, but the second Ark represented the spirit or `magical personality`, that is, the Akh of Egyptian mythology, which would help them to construct a robot:


`I have found Holmes' methodology of deductive reasoning to be quite useful. One of his adages is that once you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.`3



 It is implicit in Lieutenant Commander Data`s observation of the methods of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle`s  fictional detective, Sherlock Holmes (1887-), that undesirability should be eliminated to achieve what`s desirable, because that`s God`s truth. Having escaped from ancient Egypt, the Jews would have to perform what the ancient Egyptians` row boats required, that is, work, because God`s truth needed to become actual. The Advent of Jesus Christ as the `Logos`, that is, the `Word of God`, who was reputedly the Jewish Meshiah, represented the beginning of an exhortative effort on the part of Christianity to persuade the human mind to accept the Meshiahn Age, that is, the Machine Age, which would require mental effort, before the liberating technology was achieved. As the epitome of the robot, the development of Lieutenant Commander Data is the logical outcome of the Egyptian row boat, which is the prototypical starship:


`Since you seem to know so much about me, you must be aware I am programmed to evolve. To better myself.`4



 The Egyptian Ka or spirit, with the soul body or Ba, is the Ka Ba, which is revered in Islam, founded by the Prophet Mohammed, who wrote the holy book of the Koran (610-30 C.E.), dictated by the angels. The temple of Abraham, whose sons Isaac and Ishmael were of the line of Judaism and Islam, is the Ka Ba in Saudi Arabia`s Mecca and the holiest place on Earth to Moslems. Although the Ka Ba isn`t the Ka Ba Akh of the Egyptians, the `magical personality` is implicit in the Moslem concept of `Allah`, called God in Christianity.



 The Ka Ba of Abraham is located inside a temple or Mosque of immense proportions resembling a park. The image of the car park, that is, the Ka Ba Akh, is startling. The Ka Ba resembles a black box salvaged from an aeroplane crash that tells the researcher what happened. Because the Ka or spirit within the soul or Ba body is needed if the Akh or `magical personality` is to develop starship technology, that is, the concept of the Ka Ba is of the Ark, which represents the spirit and the bodied soul required for human developmental thought encased within a familied structure, which is what Islam or `acceptance` is.



 Just as the Egyptian Ka Ba Akh is interpretable as the car park and the `magical personality` required to build the barque, which is the boat for the spirit of Ra, that is, the Ka`s robot, so the Ka Ba points towards the Akh or `magical personality` representing the knowledge that constitutes the Ark of the Moslem peoples` spirit of development, which is familiar in Judaism as the Ark of Noah and the Ark of the Covenant, which God promises to the ship builders after the civilizational collapse attending the deluge, because it represents the preservation of the connection between God and the planets and stars of the human species above the Earth after colonization:


`Believing oneself to be perfect is often the sign of a delusional mind.`5



 If the children of the humans that left for the stars are to be anything other than slaves, the Ka Ba Akh and the row boat, that is, the `car park` and the robot, have to be remembered, which is what Data warns against forgetting. The car is the vehicle awaiting the vessel or ship, that is, the wheeled vehicle precedes the starship. Or, rather, that`s what the enslaved children of the Earth have been taught by those who`ve appropriated advanced technologies. Children must first construct boxes with wheels, which is what the Ka Ba of Abraham lacks in Mecca. As a `black box` it resembles what`s left from a plane that tells the forensic expert what caused the crash, whereas Abraham`s `black box` communicates what the remnants of society must do after civilizational collapse as well as before the rise of the more advanced civilization that may have enslaved the current generation leaving it hapless in the belief that starship technology will be forever beyond their ken. The generations without wheels must build and row boats to ensure the rise of the liberating machine:


`I have often wondered about my own mortality, as I have seen others around me age. Until now, it has been theoretically possible that I would live an unlimited period of time.`6



 The immortal machine robot Data is the dream of the human who needs to be cared for as much as humans need the technology of rejuvenation and medical science to prolong life in longevity, but the spirit must be harnessed if such high objectives are to be realized, `I am superior, sir, in many ways. But I would gladly give it up to be human.`7 Data is a better human because he`s a better machine or robot, but the male oriented fiction demands that Jesus` teachings be understood as human sacrifice, and so Data asks to die, because Star Trek`s writers represent the false perspective that the physical body isn`t heaven bound despite hundreds of scenes featuring the transporter of the starship Enterprise teleporting humans from planets to take them through galaxies to other planets.


`Mister Spock, the Captain, Lieutenant Uhura, and Chekov. they vanished. They got onto the transporter platform and they just vanished.`8


 Although the Ka Ba of Abraham in Saudi Arabia`s Mecca represents the spirit and formerly bodied soul remaining after the boat that rows through the air with wheels for landing, that is, an aeroplane, crashes, leaving its black box to be read by futurity, it`s representative of physical reality. A simpler analogy is of a box without wheels, where wheels are necessary for human development. The Ka Ba in Mecca is a symbol of spirit and bodied soul, while the `park` surrounding it is the Ba Akh or `parkland` of the Moslem church or Mosque from which the Ka or wheeled car might travel in anticipation of the mother ship that could take the travelers to new worlds. An early analogy is of the humans journeying to the New World of America, for example, after explorer Christopher Columbus` ships discovered the continent of North and South America in 1492 for his sponsor, Spain`s Queen Isabella, but the analogy is easily applicable to the new generations of the children of Star Trek awaiting their mother`s return from the stars and planets without her to guide their steps:


`I wonder. What would Dr. Freud say about the symbolism of devouring oneself?`9



 Depth psychologist Sigmund Freud`s (1856-1939) reply to Data would have included the knowledge that the Greek father of the gods, Chronos, ate his children, while developmental psychologist Carl Jung (1875-1961) would have observed that the ourobouros serpent eating itself forever is a symbol of what the `serpent`s seed` do with the enslaved brains of the humans that constitute their `projections`. As a Catholic woman, Spain`s Queen Isabella would have understood Jesus` teaching, who was born uncontaminated by male semen from the Virgin Mary, his mother. In Eden God told Eve her `seed` would `crush the head of the serpent with her foot as she leaves.` (Gen: 3. 15) Because women have their own penis` semen, as `futanarian` woman with her own host womb for socio-economic independence and brains` power developed from her own capacity for sexual reproduction, she`s the foot men don`t want to rise from the Earth of their enslaving of her. As the independent human species, she`s the Ka and the Ba, that is, the `futanarian` woman desirous of her own self sexually, that is, Ka Ba represents physical human reality rather than spiritual. The Ka and Ba represent the human woman`s capacity for sexual reproduction trapped within the body of the man while she remains desirous of her own form.

 The result is schizophrenia where the woman is coerced into desiring the male form which isn`t her species, that is, the form of `woman`s seed` with her own penis doesn`t look back at her from the mirror, so she`s trapped in a false belief in spirits, which are essentially her demons that have captured her body and soul. The story of Adam and Eve in the Bible is the description of how the `serpent`s seed` inveigled itself into the human species` host womb to enslave her. Although Adam is a man and Eve is a woman, the `futanarian` woman would be born after Adam and Eve`s expulsion from paradise by God, after accepting the serpent`s offer of the `fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil`:


`You shall be as gods.` (Gen: 3. 5)


 The enslaving of the `woman`s seed`, that is, the `futanarian` woman with her own penis` semen for sexual reproduction of her own brains` power for independent socio-economic growth, would have occurred after God`s expelling of Adam and Eve from Eden, because there are no socio-historical signs of her presence upon the Earth, while such a woman`s capacity for sexual reproduction is exponential in comparison to men`s, who rely on women and are essentially sterile parasitical viruses waging wars upon her Earth in the `perpetual enmity` for her human race God warned Eve would occur because the `serpent`s seed` seeks her enslavement or death in ephemeral pointlessness as a host for its evil:


`Mystery, Babylon the great, mother of harlots and of the abominations of the Earth.` (Rev: 17. 5)



 The Ka Ba Akh of the woman is the `futanarian` woman with her own penis` semen and host womb, that is, her Ka, with a capacity for sexually reproducing with herself with or without her own penis` semen, and the Akh is the `magical personality` with which she can move from the `car park` (Ka Ba Akh) to heaven. The Egyptian `barque` (Ba Akh) or boat of Ra is the row boat that becomes the robot or starship, while the Akh itself is the Noah`s Ark, the Ka Ba in Mecca, the Ark of the Covenant; or any other repository of human knowledge that enshrines belief in the `magical personality` that can raise the human spirit to the planets and stars of God`s heaven:


`… [God] took Abraham outside and said to him, `Look up into the sky and count the stars if you can. That's how many descendants you will have!`` (Gen: 15. 5)


 Abraham was the patriarch of both Judaism and Islam while Jesus was a crucified Jew and the Messiah of Christianity. Born uncontaminated by male semen, his disciple Judas was a species` traitor who betrayed the host womb of the human `futanarian` woman with her own penis` semen for brains uncontaminated by the `serpent`s seed`, because Christ`s promise of Resurrection illustrated by his own death and Ascension to heaven was for `woman`s seed`. Judas Iscariot accepted `bread and wine` as symbols of Jesus` `body and blood`, that is, `woman`s seed` uncontaminated by male semen, before betraying the host for `thirty pieces of silver` and, branding him a `dissident`, ensured his death by torture and murder through the agents of the Roman occupation in Palestine, to reestablish parasitism where Christ had preached Resurrection for the host of `woman`s seed` independent of the `serpent`s seed` of unredeemed men who refused to accept woman as the host of humanity:


`At the resurrection people will neither marry nor be given in marriage; they will be like the angels in heaven.` (Matt: 22. 30)



 Because, as `futanarian` woman with her own penis` semen and host womb to sexually reproduce her own brains` powers for improvements in technology that will liberate and take her to the stars and planets of God`s heaven, she won`t have men`s slave ring on her finger. Living in schizophrenic enslavement to a creature not of her own species, woman experiences what clinical psychology terms dementia praecox, which is what Jesus` casting out of demons represents in the New Testament, that is, the spirit of the human becomes demented because it can`t function. Humans are taught that the Ka or spirit is male, whereas it`s female, and the soul is separate, while it`s the female Ba or body desirable to the female with her own penis` semen represented by the Ka contained within the male body of her parasitical enslaver. The emphasis in the world`s religions upon spirit and soul is a device whereby men replace life with death, because they want the row boat of slavery rather than the robot of liberation. When the boat of Ra is upset, it`s because the demons of praecox dementia have split the psyche of the human woman, so labor saving machines aren`t built:


`Ladies and gentlemen, and invited transgendered species. In my study of Terran and Betazoid conjugal rites, I have discovered it is traditional to present the happy couple with a gift.`10



 Lieutenant Commander Data`s speech at the wedding of Betazoid crew member of the starship Enterprise, Deanna Troi, and Commander William T. Riker identifies transgender as the issue, because the assumption is that sexual orientation can be chosen. In the Bible the Jews are the chosen because men can`t be born Jewish unless born of a Jewess, which means women are the chosen because `futanarian` woman with her own penis` semen and host womb is human, whereas heterosexuality is only proven as homosexuality`s parasitical viral mode of extermination for its host. Human `futanarian` woman doesn`t choose her sexual orientation, because her genders are species` specific, which means schizophrenia and dementia praecox result from her being killed by the parasites who want to persuade woman to accept men`s womb and brain slavery of her to their `serpent`s seed`. Transgender is a false paradigm indicative of the desire to alter a species so that it accepts extinction from the parasite seeking to inhabit her womb. Lieutenant Commander Data represents the machine robot labor saver that is concerned with human and not gender. The notion of `men like gods` is replaceable with the precept `humans like God`, and so Data is human because he isn`t God, but a better human because a better machine. Arguing that Data isn`t human is irrelevant. Neither is God. Data is as human as any other if Data cares for humans, and so is a better human because he cares for humans better than humans can, although he isn`t God and only a fool would complain Data was abrogating the role of God by caring well:


`I have been designed with a fundamental respect for life in all its forms, and a strong inhibition against causing harm to living beings.`11



 The 20th century row boat went into production at the first automobile factory in 1908 when the Model T-Ford was manufactured by a workforce under the auspices of Henry Ford in the United States. The design for the motor car hasn`t changed in 100 years with pedals as the main feature, because it`s a mocking of woman`s inability to get her `futanarian` race off the ground. In Saudi Arabia it`s `haram` for the `footrace` of women to put their foot on the gas pedal, that is, forbidden, because men want to keep a row boat workforce while keeping robot, that is, ship`s technology, for themselves; so woman remains imprisoned upon the Earth without transportation of her own. Woman isn`t even allowed to pedal her own car, that is, the spirit of her Ka trapped within the body of the man can`t help her to escape, while the body of her Ba is forced to live as a brain damaged infant contaminated by the `serpent`s seed` of her enslaver. If 1 billion dollars US is the cost of a B1 stealth bomber to destroy the cities of Iraq in the Gulf war (2003-11), the flying car is an impossible future, because the resources of woman`s soul and body are directed by a brain parasite into waging war against her own `Ka` or human spirit.

 United States of America`s first Grand Master of science fiction, Robert A. Heinlein (1907-88), explicated the problem in his novel, The Number Of The Beast (1980), where two couples, Jake and Hilda, and Jake`s daughter, Deety, and her husband Zeb, travel through the `multiverse`12 of possible alternative realities,  including those to be found in fiction, quarreling constantly and encountering the mysterious hermaphroditic `black beast` which tries to kill them and steal their continua car, Gay Deciever, at every opportunity. In its guise of `black hat` the hermaphrodite represents the `futanarian` woman with her own penis` semen and host womb that`s been removed from the scene by men, but also the male `futanarian` with his own host womb representing the other alternative possibility for the human species, who is more ambivalent about his sexual proclivity. In Arabia men are permitted four wives in Islam, that is, `acceptance`, which allows of the possibility of both male and female `futanarian` humans within a Moslem fourfold marriage. Heinlein`s fourfold marriage presents the couples quarrels as comedic, but the role of the `black hat` is that of a killer, because `futanarian` males are angrier. The Ka of the spirit of the woman who is `futanarian` and desirous of her Ba body, that is, the sexual desire of the Ka Ba for itself, is complicated by the existence of the male `futanarian` whose Ka is the spirit of the `futanarian` woman with her own penis` semen and her desire for her own Ba body, but is blessed because he knows.



 Although the `futanarian` Moslem marriage of Islamic `acceptance` is psychologically explicable in terms of developmental psychology, where four functions, `Sensation, Thinking, Feeling and Intuition`, representing eyes, ears, mouth (speech) and nose (smell), organize the ego`s articulation with the self during the process of individual growth or self-actualization, the equation is much simpler with `futanarian` human women, because males are her enslavers. Consequently, the Jungian archetype of four women and a single male representing the ego is functional, but doesn`t incorporate the `futanarian` male. Plagued by the critics` infantile puerility in censoring his more overtly sexual themes in Time Enough For Love (1973), for example, Heinlein deployed his `black beast` as a way of explaining to his awakening readership that humans were hermaphrodites and, despite aspersions about the possibility of his being homosexual, he revealed `futanarian` males could provide the answer to the problem of the shadow of humanity, but men had killed it and only the shadow of its sexuality remained for the transvestites or TVs to amuse themselves with as `gay` creatures wearing women`s clothes.



 In The Number Of The Beast Robert Heinlein depicts the desire of the `futanarian` to be recognized. In the developmental psychology of Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) shadow-recognition is the basis of human progress. Unacknowledged the `futanarian` male can`t explain what`s wrong with the stories men tell of her race, which for him is simple. There are women and women`s bodies. He`s her Ka in male form and she has a Ka in her own form, that is, `futanarian` woman with her own penis` semen and host womb, while her Ba body is always the same. According to Jung the shadow is the part of the human personality that perceives others as inferior because it can`t accept its own feelings of inferiority, which is the lot of the male `futanarian`, who doesn`t see himself reflected in the mirror of reality, which is to be desired by the Ba body of the woman, because `futanarian` males see themselves as fertilizers of women, whereas `futanarian` women see their Ba body and the `futanarian` male as an aspect of their Ka or spirit, while men represent what isn`t desired by either the woman`s Ka or her Ba body.

 In Jungian psychology the anima is the soul of the male projected desirously upon the female and forms the basis of the individuation process whereby libidic desireful instinct is transformed into spiritual energy required to invent the Gay Deceiver `aircar`, for example, while the body of the woman is the woman`s Ba or soul in Egyptian mythology, that is, men don`t have souls but the woman`s Ka, which is desireful of her Ba. As woman`s enslavers, men are the `serpent`s seed` in homosexual pederasty and war, which is how her soul is devoured if the shadow problem isn`t recognized and integrated into consciousness, which Jung perceived as the first stage of the individuation process. Heinlein`s explanation in The Number Of The Beast is that humanity can`t progress because the `futanarian` male isn`t allowed to reveal that woman`s Ka desires her Ba, but the `serpent`s seed` doesn`t, that is, the hermaphroditic Ka desires the Ba body of the woman without her penis, because it`s `futanarian` with her host womb, whereas unredeemed men with unrecognized shadows constitute a collective shadow that kills and eats her, because it`s a parasite without a host womb of its own.



 The human spirit is often symbolized by the cloud in the cerulean sky, because it`s representative of the sheep. In Christian iconography Jesus is a shepherd but Christianity after Christ is primarily directed at sheeplike acceptance and sheepishness, that is, coyness with regard to sexual reproduction, for example. Because `futanarian` woman with her own penis` semen and host wombs for sexually reproducing her own brains` power would be stronger mentally because she produces more as a species whereas men can only reproduce with her and not each other, women would dominate the mental scene. As men constitute 0% of the sexual reproductive capacity if `futanarian` woman with her own penis` semen sexually reproduces, women are 100% of the human race, which means men would have to kill her and fertilize her ovum to maintain a slave rape system based on brain damage. The spirit of the dead woman killed by the brain raper is symbolized by the cloud in the cerulean sky, because the brain damaged victim is a sheep prey to wolves, which is what Christianity after Jesus represented. Woman was etherealized into a nebulous heavenly existence, because men wanted slavery in brain damage as wolves amongst the flock of sheep Jesus offered to shepherd:


`The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters.` (Ps. 23)


 Supposedly written by David, King of Israel, the writer is asking for peace, which is born of the docility that women`s brains bring to humans, that is, woman is stronger, because there are more of her in a socio-economic system that enables her to sexually reproduce her own brains` powers for development, which includes longevity through resources channeled into medicine. Consequently, the capacity for passing species` knowledge forward through her ensuing generations to maintain her race, grows exponentially greater with each succeeding generation. As woman`s technology develops in importance, women are liberated by the machine. Men`s brains become more peaceful as women outproduce men sexually. Schizophrenia and dementia praecox in species` terms is what occurs when the row boat is preferred by men to the robot, or labor saving machine, and they kill the human race of woman to make it more docile in enslavement to their `serpent`s seed`. Otherwise women continue to outproduce men sexually and their species` brain becomes dominant as the male brain becomes more docile or `shepherded`. Men can`t sexually reproduce with each other, so if women sexually reproduce with each other as `futanarian` woman with her own penis` semen, their `seed` dominates over the `serpent`s seed`, which is what God promised Eve in Eden:


`The woman was given the two wings of a great eagle, so that she might fly to the place prepared for her in the wilderness, where she would be taken care of for a time, times and half a time, out of the serpent's reach.` (Rev: 12. 14)


 In Islam Moslems are permitted four wives because `futanarian` women sexually reproduce with each other and so the 20% to 80% ratio is closer to the biological truth. Arabian women are hidden beneath their one-piece coveralls, the black burkhas, in public and so correspond to the woman who gave birth to Jesus in his `Second Coming` to the Earth in the desert where she`s protected by the eagle of the Great Seal of the United States of America if the defense of Arabia during the war against Saddam Hussein, the Iraqi dictator who supported terrorism, is a sign. Osama Ben Laden, the leader of the terrorist group Al Qaeda was killed by Navy Seal Team Six on 2 May, 2011, because the role of the eagle is to protect the sealed hymen of the `futanarian` woman with her own penis` semen represented by the Moslems who don`t parade the nudity of women without a penis in mockery of Jesus` teachings, who is revered in the Koran (610-30 C.E.) or holy book of Islam, born uncontaminated by male semen from his mother, the Virgin Mary, but without death he has Ascension to heaven, because the Moslems don`t feel it necessary to explain that woman must be resurrected before she sexually reproduces the true human race from her own penis` semen and host womb. In Christianity Jesus has to return after death, Resurrection and Ascension to heaven, because Christians need a lesson Moslems have learned.

 For schizophrenics it`s about correcting the mistakes they`ve made, so the human species of woman is enslaved to prevent men`s mistake from being corrected, that is, woman is suffering from dementia praecox until she`s able to develop her own brains` powers through `futanarian` sexual reproduction by means of her own penis` semen and host wombs. Men`s psychopathology is of the virus and the homosexual, who spreads the incurable HIV/AIDS `killer disease` called the `blood plague` (Rev: 11. 6) in the Bible because it`s a brain killer that wants to wage war in pederasty against the human species of woman. Osama Ben Laden`s Al Qaeda terrorist group reestablished `rough trade`, that is, the `brutality and violence` associated with homosexual who pay for boys, that is, `rough trade` when Laden`s terrorist group Al Qaeda, `the base`, hijacked civil airliners to crash them into the World Trade Centre. HIV/AIDS is injected at the base of the spine through the rectum by homosexuals mixing blood, shit and semen in each others` anuses during mockeries of human sexual reproduction to kill the brain, which is what war in Moslem Arabia was designed to achieve, that is, the death of the woman hidden in the desert before her sexual reproductive capacity could grow.



 The Taliban of Afghanistan were notorious for misogyny and Osama Ben Laden`s Al Qaeda`s bases were mainly there. The suicide attack of Al Qaeda`s hijacked planes at the `rough trade` centre of socio-economic slavery in New York on September 11, 2001, was designed to suicide Arabian `woman`s seed` and reestablish pederasty and its contagion war. The murderer`s pattern is of a familiar Western plague since the time of the ancient Greeks who institutionalized homosexuality in order to spread war through pederasty. The Al Qaeda guests of the United States were the equivalent of Judas Iscariot betraying the human host. The program is enshrined in socio-history where the Greeks deployed a huge wooden horse before the walls of ancient Troy, which the Trojans took inside their walls, perceiving it as a `friendship gift`, and the Greeks emerged from within its hollow insides to enslave the host wombs of the Trojan women to spread their contagion of pederasty and war further.

 The term `Trojan horse` was employed by 20th century Greeks, that is, computer `geeks`, who devised `bad machine code` to infect computers and kill the brains of the human species in the Machine Age. The term `geek` derives from circus freaks who ate chicken heads as a sideshow attraction, while `circus` was used to describe spy activities, because of ancient Rome where gladiatorial combats were the Roman games in amphitheatres or huge arenas known as `circus`. The events of 9/11, 2001, were a `circus` designed to blind the participants to the truth, which is what spying is. The crowd at the Roman circus aren`t the gladiators and so they`re spies at an event, which was 9/11, 2001, `live on CNN` and other news network television channels. Provoked by the planes crashing into the WTC and the Defense Department building of the Pentagon, Virginia, the `circus geeks` were figuratively preparing to eat the women`s brains so they`d be the equivalent of headless chickens running around after 9/11, 2001, because `rough trade` would be the result rather than socio-economic independence for `futanarian` woman with her own penis` semen and capacity for sexually reproducing her own brains` power from her own host wombs:


`Men cursed the God of heaven for their pains and their sores but refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev: 16. 11)


 Men`s socio-history is of a killer parasite living unredeemably from its host and refusing to convert from the sin of enslaving the human species` host womb for pederasty and war against a `futanarian` species of woman that doesn`t need him. The trillions of dollars expenditure in the course of the Gulf War (2003-11) to depose Iraq`s dictator, Saddam Hussein, who`d offered Al Qaeda bases, deprived women of the medical advances and technological developments she would need to live long and escape men, which is why the Taliban misogynists trained Al Qaeda`s terrorists to suicidally attack the United States:


`Upon seizing power, the Taliban regime instituted a system of gender apartheid effectively thrusting the women of Afghanistan into a state of virtual house arrest.`13


 When the Taliban took control of Afghanistan in 1996, women were labelled non-human. The Taliban imposed strict edicts preventing women from working. Closing schools to girls and women, the Taliban expelled women from universities. Prohibited from leaving their homes, unless accompanied by a close male relative, windows of women's houses were painted black. Women and girls were prohibited from being examined by male physicians, while at the same time female doctors and nurses were prevented from working. Women were brutally beaten, publicly flogged, and killed for violating the prohibitions.



 The system of gender apartheid imposed by the Taliban is a classic symptom of an alien parasitical virus imposing schizophrenia and dementia praecox upon a species to maintain its war slave as a `circus` performer in brain damage and rape. The Taliban`s blacked out windows means they didn`t want to be spied upon by the humans while they were perpetrating their crimes against `woman`s seed`. If women don`t know they`re the Earth`s human `futanarian` species, women live as schizophrenics forced into accepting penis` semen not their own, which is human rape and brain slavery by means of the `serpent`s seed`. Women`s dementia praecox as a species is the row boat rather than the robot, that is, she needs labor saving devices to liberate her from men`s enslaving of her brains with their `seed`, but she can`t make her Ka or spirit free her because it`s trapped within the body of the parasite that`s enslaved her. Women`s `futanarian` human species of woman with her own penis` `seed` and host womb needs to be socio-economically independent of men as well as sexually reproduce her own brains` power for the development of machine technology and medical science to give her freedom from the oars as the galley slave of men`s persistently retrograde program to maintain the stasis of perpetual war against her.

 As male technology develops, so the power to exterminate the woman grows, which is what her parasite seeks; either slavery or extinction for her. If she`s able to develop technology in spite of its parasitism, it deprives her of life-prolonging medicine by diverting resources into war and continues to slave her host womb for its `circus` of torment and death to her human `futanarian` race of woman with her own penis` semen and host womb for sexually reproducing her own brains` powers for creating her escape technology. Slavery is the maximization of freedom for those who choose to work, because the perception of the `serpent`s seed` of men is that those who work are slaves, whereas many simply choose to work at what is useful and good, because usefulness and what is better or improved is desirable from their point of view. 20th century `software` geeks` `bad machine code` to destroy computer brains, through the creation of a `Trojan virus` to prevent women from using communicators like the internet, is how the woman of the 21st century was denied access to a tool affording independent interesting and useful work opportunities and representing her spirit`s possibility for socio-economic independence from the slaver.



 Censorship and taboo limit woman`s understanding of her own species` role, which ensures that women with access are conditioned. In Hollywood, Babylon, the Hayes` production code (1934-67) made it a taboo for women`s foot to be off the floor in bedroom scenes, because God told Eve her `seed` would `crush the head of the serpent with her foot as she leaves,` that is, the `futanarian` woman would. The sexual conditioning imposed by men through taboo is designed to prevent woman from developing knowledge of her own species` reproductive system and so she remains brain raped and damaged by enslaving `seed` not hers. The absence of woman with their own penis` semen from the world`s stage is the work of her enslaver and indicates blindness is the parasite`s methodology.



 Jesus` teaching was of the Holy Spirit that would teach after him, while he was the `Second Adam` after Eve emerged from the side of Adam in Eden, because the Roman centurion, Longinus, cut Jesus` side open in death after he was nailed to a cross and tortured by agents of the Roman Empire for dissidency. Jesus` perception was that woman was `hidden` because men would kill her. He was born uncontaminated by male semen and so perceived that women could produce without men. Longinus` spear was Jesus` caesarian for the Holy Spirit of `futanarian` woman from his side, as Eve had been from the side of Adam, the first man created by God in Eden, but Jesus was uncreated from men so the woman from his side would be the `Second Eve` who could produce unseen by men because she didn`t need their `seed`.

 Adam and Eve were seen by the serpent in Eden so Redemption for the new human species of `woman`s seed` was for her to be unseen by the `serpent`s seed` again, which required that men shouldn`t seek to see her and so she`d remain hidden until men had sought Redemption through conversion from their sin of desiring to enslave her for war and Hollywood, Babylon, war films as a means of recording their perpetuating infamy. The movie World Trade Centre (2005) was made as a condemnation of terrorism and a celebration of United States` heroism. War films celebrating victory in the Gulf inevitably ensued and, while `those who do not know history's mistakes are doomed to repeat them`,14 isn`t it a mistake to promote war as a celebration and an entertainment? Those who repeat the mistakes of history are those who record our doom.



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