Raquel Welch, Pamela Andersen, and the Female Epitome

Raquel Welch, Pamela Andersen, and the Female Epitome

Raquel Welch, Pamela Andersen, and the Female Epitome

Roger Vadim was the French film director that had the whole world in awe when he married actress and France`s sex symbol Brigit Bardot who made the film And God Created Woman (1957). With further awe they marvelled as he divorced Brigit to wed Catherine Deneuve, who played the part of the daily beauty, that is, the prostitute in the movie Belle De Jour (1967). Amazingly Vadim left Deneuve for American actress Jane Fonda, who made the first `adult` science fiction movie Barbarella (1967) which broke the genre convention dictating sexual themes aren`t a part of its raison d`etre. Vadim`s love of women obviously addressed the question: if you don`t want to treat of sex, how can you believe that you want women? He was not unique amongst directors. American John Derek married Ursula Andress who had the role of Aphrodite in Clash of the Titans (1981) and afterwards he wed Linda Evans, who was the beauty Crystal Carrington in the US television series about the elite rich, Dynasty (1981-9), before John again divorced to marry Bo Derek, who made the film 10 (1979) as the perfect woman in a romantic comedy about infatuation.



 Although women change, men remain the same, and divorce is the sign of their sameness. Jesus Christ`s celibacy wasn`t a sign of weakeness, but he was strong for women, not against them with men, which isn`t always understood. From a woman`s perspective it makes a difference who she`s with. If a man is a Christian, that is, if he accepts Jesus` point of view, he`s capable of understanding. Jesus was the `perfect man` born of the Virgin Mary uncontaminated by male semen, and it would be foolish to presume that such an actor had never thought about his role. Just as it would be presumptuous to assume sex symbols Raquel Welch and Pamela Andersen never thought about theirs in fantasy movie  One Million Years B.C. (1966) and bookshop comedy TV show Stacked (2005-6), which focused almost entirely upon their obvious capabilities as mothers.


 If the Virgin Mary had given birth without male `seed`, Jesus reasoned she could give birth to herself, and so women must have `seed` of their own, that is, a penis to self-fertilize themselves with.  Such a woman is called `futanarian` and God foretells her in Eden when he forewarns Eve of the `pereptual enmity` that the `serpent`s seed` will have with `woman`s seed`. But she`ll `crush the head of the serpent as she leaves` (Gen: 3. 15) for the `new heaven and Earth` God promises her, while the `serpent`s seed` receive eternal unendurable pain as punishment for keeping her womb enslaved to the devouring of her civilixations, cultures and art in their endless wars against her.


 Raquel Welch was the body beautiful of America`s womanhood and her film One Million Years B.C. represents the functionality of the desirable female to boys who yearn for such a woman and want to take her out of the cave and put her in the kitchen with all modern conveniences. Raquel is civilization from a developmental perspective, which the psychologist Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) popularized when he observed that it was the sexual libido and its translation into work, because of the desirability of living with a woman, that was the inspirational engine of humanity.


 If Raquel Welch represented civilization, Pamela Andersen was culture surrounded by literature in the television `sitcom` based on a pun about her being `stacked`, which is a reference to the size of her breasts, and the books stacked on the shelves, but the naked bodies of the Jews were also stacked at Belsen, Auschwitz and Dachau during the Nazis pogroms of World War II (1939-45).


 In Judaism it isn`t possible to be born a Jew unless you are born from a woman, which means that women are the Jews. Women were `stacked` according to the Nazis also. In the late 20th and early 21st century the USA fought two wars in the Gulf region of Arabia against eye-rack (1990-1, 2001-11), where `rack` is another euphemism for a woman`s breasts, and the Arabs are infamous for concealing theirs. In the Middle Ages the rack was an instrument of torture, so the 21st century is for those who want to torment others by means of their rack, that is, for being able to see women`s breasts.


 In ancient Greece women`s wombs were enslaved for the purpose of spreading war and furthering the contagion of institutionalized homosexual pederasty, which by the late 20th century had produced the `killer disease` of HIV/AIDS in the witchery of men`s mixing their blood, shit and semen in anal sex because they preferred each other`s deathly sterility to women.


 When Al Qaeda`s terrorists hijacked civil aircraft to crash them into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre on 9/11, 2001 on Manhattan island, New York, and precipitate the second Gulf war they were reimplimenting their program of `rough trade` in which women`s wombs were for producing boy sons, that is, the consequence of preferring the poisons of the `serpent` seed`, for conflict and the further spreading of the contagion of the devouring parasite emerging from the womb of its human species` host.


 In Jungian psychology civilization, culture and art are inspired by the archetypes of the imagination that existing preformed in the unconscious emerge as images and figures in dreams, imagination and art as humanity`s creative engine. Although the male imago is often present it`s role as a devourer isn`t well known. Although Jung observes that the ourobouros serpent is a self-devouring and self-begetting archetype that`s central to the development of individual consciousness through what he calls the individuation process, which requires greater self-awareness. If women are self-begetters, their parasite is a self-devourer, and only the acceptance of Jesus` teachings can save humanity from devouring itself.

 Such archetypal figures as Raquel Welch and Pamela Andersen are able to focus the mind on civilization and culture because of their sexual desirability. Their role isn`t who they are and admiring their breasts won`t build a mansion or a library filled with books telling how to. Fooling them into believing that you loved them might because they`re wealthy, but why would they want a man if they have a penis of their own as the human species? Magic is the black art, and 9/11 began at Boston`s Logan airport, Mass., which indicated the terrorist attack on the Twin Towers was a black mass. In the movie Logan`s Run (1976) the aim is to kill everyone above the age of 21, and so the theme of 9/11 was to kill the 21st century.


 Because civilization, culture and art is the product of women`s wombs, individual art is what she has most control over, which begins with her psyche. Salem, Mass., was the scene of the witchtrials of the 17th century where many women were killed because they weren`t conventional. Warfare is characterized by the concept of conventional marriage and rules of engagement that limit the capacity of the antagonists to defend themselves so that impenetrability becomes inevitable capitulation, which is the basis of women`s enslavement to the parasite seeking to take over the `host` womb of the human species and devour it. If women accept conventional rules of engagement they`ll lose the war for the human species they began in Salem (1692-3).

 Jesus understood that women can reproduce without him. because he`d thought about it, `Love your neighbour as you love yourself,` (Mk: 12. 31), that is, women are yourself. The assumption of the 21st century is that women shouldn`t think about their role, but it`s obvious from their acting commissions that God is thinking about it for them. According to Revelation the `blood plague` of HIV/AIDS was sent to convert men from their sin of homosexual pederasty:

`Men cursed the God of heaven for their pains and their sores but refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev: 16. 11)



 In the movie Logan`s Run Jenny Agutter is Jessica 6 and runs to escape the sandmen who kill those who`ve reached 21 because the sand has run out of their hourglass, which is more than a metaphor because the `lifeclock` in their palm turns red when they`re old enough to be killed. If women don`t live longer while retaining their youthful beauty, they`ll have no knowledge of themselves as a species and won`t be able to pass on their wisdom to their daughters, so men spend their trillions of dollars on war rather than medical research. Because war maintains their slaving of women into future futility while men continue with their `perpetual enmity` in their parasitism`s ceaseless attacks upon her civilization, culture and art. Logan`s Run was translated into the 21st century as `faction` by Arabia`s sandmen. Emerging with hijacked planes from Logan airport to crash them into the World Trade Centre, Al Qaeda`s terrorists killed the 21st century as God`s future fiction for `woman`s seed`. They don`t want their daughters to eye Jenny Agutter`s rack as it`d remind them of their own woman`s penis.


 Black magic is the art of blinding others to the truth; either literally through murder or by censorship. In ancient Egypt the basic myth is of the sun god Ra who incarnates as Osiris, but his evil brother Set dismembers him so that the goddess Isis must remember him even to the point of refashioning a penis to replace his lost member. Set was actually a political figure and his dismembering of Osiris represents the changing consciousness of the minds of the people by force, that is, the assassination of supporters, which effectively is a blinding of Osiris` vision. In Christianity Jesus is often perceived as the incarnation of God and his teachings attempt to incarnate God everywhere upon the Earth through the conversion of individuals. Evil is the desire to blind God. Osiris is God incarnate and he is politically assassinated, that is, blinded, by his murderer, Set. If women are denied knowledge of their role as a socio-economically independent human species because of their own penis, they are blinded and subject to the censorship of men as their assassins.

 Without a point of view art can`t be practised, which is why the witches were killed at Salem. You need eyes to have a perspective. Internet censorship makes it difficult to see a woman with a penis of her own as the `woman`s seed` promised a `new heaven and Earth` by God. Taboos in mainstream movies against the male penis make it difficult for a woman to see beyond men as the focus for reproduction because, if they`re not going to show the penis to Kim Bassinger in the erotic drama 9 1/2 Weeks (1986), how can a woman see her own? If the picture doesn`t change, the human species will be extinct.



 Feminism tells lesbians they`re homosexuals, which equates them with pederasty`s war against `woman`s seed` while being `politically correct` and acceptable to the prevailing paradigm for socio-political thought as well as from a feminist viewpoint. Lesbians are `woman`s seed` and normal from the human species` perspective of socio-economic and political independence through knowledge of woman`s own penis` `seed` as self-reproductive. Everything that`s human emerges from women`s wombs, so why not use their own penis? Only acceptance of slavery and laziness could justify not wantng to develop by means of it. White magic must be the art of perspective. First women need to sustain a vision of the future, which is what Jesus` Christian teachings are for. Without eyes they can`t see and, without the murdered eyes of their own penis, they won`t be able to see themselves amongst the planets and stars.