That Deaf, Dumb and Blind Plague, Sure Is A Mean Pig`s Balls

That Deaf, Dumb and Blind Plague, Sure Is A Mean Pig`s Balls

That Deaf, Dumb and Blind Plague, Sure Is A Mean Pig`s Balls


Mythology has never been properly understood by Christianity because it perceives all that came before Jesus, the Messiah, as pagan, whereas history is the sociology of how mankind strives to be human, and humanism is what myth depicts. Tantalus was the Greek king of the Achaeans who served up his son, Pelops, as a dish for the gods and goddesses, who lived atop Mt Olympus, according to the poet Ovid`s Metamorphoses,1 to see if they were telepathic. The Olympians didn`t eat the meat but Demeter, whose daughter Persephone had been kidnapped and taken below by the god of the underworld, Hades, is absent minded enough to eat. Although most classicists interpret Persephone`s abduction as a harvest myth in which the new corn emerges in the spring, it`s a separation of what the Greeks called the mother-daughter Kore that the myth explicates.



 Tantalus has the role of the serpent in the Old Testament, Bible of the Jews, that is, their law and history called the Torah and Talmud, which begins with Eve, the first woman, and Adam, the first man, in the paradise of Eden where she encounters the serpent, who was the angel, Satan, turned into a serpent by God for refusing to accept that humans would be greater than the angels. Satan tempts Eve with the `fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil`, that is, death, saying, `You shall be as gods.` (Gen: 3. 5) It`s the narrative of how mankind accepted slavery for the host womb of women in exchange for power.

 God tells Eve: `You shall crush the head of the serpent with your foot, although he shall bruise your heel.` (Gen: 3. 15) Telling Adam he must labor while Eve will have labor pain, God expels the pair from Eden, and Eve`s labor is fulfilled in the birth of Jesus from his mother, the Virgin Mary, because he`s uncontaminated by male semen and so is `woman`s seed` rather than the enslaver of women`s host wombs, that is, men, who aren`t redeemed unless they accept Jesus` teaching about `woman`s seed`, `Love your neighbor as you love yourself.` (Mk: 12. 31) Because women have their own penis` semen as futanarian humans for their own host wombs and the sexual reproduction of their own brains` powers, the separation of Demeter and Persephone is how men prevent her from sexually reproducing her own brans to produce the labor saving technologies that would allow her to escape from men`s slaving of her, which is why Persephone is buried as a prefiguration of women`s extinction to the parasite that kills the civilization, culture and art she`s able to produce from her host womb despite the parasite`s depredations against her human race in its ceaseless wars against her.



 Emerging each year in the spring, Persephone represents men`s need for a host womb from which to emerge as parasitism, while Demeter`s absent minded eating of Pelops as the meat prepared by the tempter, Tantalus, is what Demeter and Persephone`s host wombs are for. Demeter represents the `Great Mother` of humanity who doesn`t have the brains from her own penis` semen to remember that men are farming her as parasites for meat, while Jesus` Resurrection and Ascension to heaven after being killed upon the hill of Calvary outside Jerusalem by the Roman Empire as a `woman`s seed` dissident antagonistic towards male braining and the spread of its plague through warfare, prefigures the Resurrection and Ascension of `woman`s seed` promised to Eve by God when her brains are stronger than the `serpent` seed`.

 Jesus` `Last Supper` before his crucifixion as a dissident has elements similar to Tantalus` feast for the Olympians. As the human host Jesus gives `bread and wine` to his disciples as symbols of his `body and blood`, but the disciple Judas rejected the human host by betraying Jesus as a dissident to the Empire of Rome`s male braining and enslavement for war. Food is often described as fare and war as warfare because that`s how the devourer eats. Consequently, Demeter`s absent minded eating of Pelops served as meat before the Olympians depicts what humans don`t want, which is why the Olympians are depicted as more advanced humans, that is, they represent God`s humanity better than the angels, whereas Tantalus is the degenerate type of a man, who farms women for table fare to entertain the Olympians and tempt those higher human life agencies into degeneracy also. Seeing warfare as entertainment, the Olympian higher man is tantalized by the promise of the power of the Empire of the male brain and the human race descends to brainlessness in degeneration as `woman`s seed` is removed from the world`s stage through host womb invasion and enslavement to the devouring parasite of war against humanity by an alien creature that has stolen the human race`s penis after inveigling itself into woman`s host womb in order to kill her species.

 As human host at the `Last Supper` Jesus makes the distinction between `bread and wine` and `body and blood` because food and warfare are distinct but not yet separate in the minds of men who wage war to devour `woman`s seed`. The Romans occupying Jewish Palestine at the time of Jesus were animals. The Greek Tantalus served his son, Pelops, to the higher humans Tantalus perceived as Olympians, because he thought he could tempt them to be animals, which is why men treat humans as animals, so they`ll be animals, which is why women are kept as lower animals `husbanded` by men, although God`s promise to Eve that her `seed` will be stronger suggests that women are higher humans degenerated by the Empire of male braining for the devourment of the human race in war by an alien parasite that only seeks to develop its maw until full grown since its days as a serpent in Eden:


` And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the earth: and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born.` (Rev: 12. 4)


 Without eyes the human race can`t see to run itself, and without ears it can`t hear, and without mouths it can`t speak. If the Christian church doesn`t preach `woman`s seed` after Jesus` birth, humanity is deaf, blind and dumb, because the Christian church and the mass media keeps from women the simplest of information that they can sexually reproduce the human race from their own penis` semen without men`s, which is the meaning of Jesus` uncontaminated birth:


`His disciples lead him in

And he just does the rest.

He's got crazy flipper fingers

Never seen him fall ...

That deaf, dumb and blind kid

Sure plays a mean pinball.`2



 The rock group, The Who, depict Jesus in `Pinball Wizard` as amazing, and the band`s lead singer Roger Daltrey`s acting of the part of the deaf, blind, and dumb `pinball wizard` in the movie, Tommy (1969), is expected to be viewed by 21st century `gamers` as Messianic, but degenerate humanity`s `space invader` pyschopathology isn`t a game to the brain dead, the walking dead, and the invade dead, `Your mother left me here to mind you, And I'm doing exactly what I bleedin' well want to, Fiddling about, fiddling about, fiddle about. Down with your bedclothes. Up with your nightshirt ...`3 As the male brained head, the war kinged head, and the invade head, men`s plague game is to spread deafness, blindness and dumbness.



 The ancient Greeks are held as the model for Western democracy although homosexuality in pederasty was institutionalized along with host womb slavery for women in order to spread the contagion of war. At Troy the Greeks left a huge hollow wooden horse from which they emerged when the Trojans took it into the city, according to the Greek poet, Homer, in his Iliad (760-10 B.C.), and captured it for the enslavement of the host wombs of the women to spread their contagion of homosexuality in pederasty and war further. By the late 20th century men`s virality had become a `biological weapon` against the human race of `woman`s seed` as their homosexuality in pederasty led to their mixing of blood, shit and semen in each others` anuses and the spreading of the incurable killer disease HIV/AIDS. By the early 21st century the geek successors to the Greeks had conceived viruses they called Trojan horses to infect computer memory and render the machine brains` storage useless, lest `woman`s seed` remember their enemies who made them deaf, blind and dumb.



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