You`re The Man

You`re The Man

You`re The Man


While making the television situation comedy series, What I Like About You (2002-6), with Jenny Garth as Valerie Tyler, `butt crack is the new cleavage`, comedienne Amanda Bynes, who was Holly in the show about sisters sharing a New York city apartment, made the comedy movie, She`s The Man (2006), based on the idea of transvestism, that is, the girl Viola Hastings wears boys` clothes as her brother Sebastian, so she can play soccer for Illyria boarding school against Cornwall, her former high school who didn`t want her in the boys` team there: `Pardon me, sir. I have to be a shirt.`1 Shirts or `skins` is body fascism, that is, the more pronounced physique is deemed more respectable than ability which, according to fascist theory, can be `coached` into the athletic form. Illyria soccer Coach Dinklage, who was English Leeds United soccer team`s `hard man`, Vinnie Jones, before he became an actor, represents fascist ideology: `Alright, nancy-boy? You're a shirt.` Although ability is defined as `human`, humanity`s enemies define as `unmanly` those who don`t want to be vulnerable: `Freshman dorms are that-a-way twiglet.` Actor Clifton Murray is fellow student Andrew giving friendly directions to Viola`s transvestite `Sebastian`, but this friendliness is neutralized as unfriendliness, but `masculine` by the emboldening epithet, `twiglet`, because inferiority is defined by men as `human interest`. Viola needs to know where to go, which is a `human interest` story based on an ignorance that men like, because it reveals them to themselves as superior to the merely human.



 At the English boarding school, Eton, the older pupils are given the title `gods` by school tradition. As `Sebastian`, Viola is courted by actor, ChanningTatum, as Duke Orsino, a soccer striker with the name of a character from William Shakespeare`s cross-dressing comedy, Twelfth Night (1601/2), although Viola is Sebastian`s twin sister in that drama set in a place called Illyrea. Whereas English schoolboys are taught to think of themselves as `gods`, Duke`s is the name of an English `drama queen` because, athough Viola cross-dresses to love Duke Orsino in Twelfth Night, all of the parts in Shakespeare`s period as a dramatist were acted by men, which is why Duke from Illyrea boarding school is curious about the knowledge of cross-dressing Viola`s character, Sebastian: `Why do you always talk about girls in such graphic terms?` Duke is an English male `god` of revelation, because Viola won`t be revealed as futanarian. The audience`s conditioning is to see Amanda`s character as wise in the ways of women, because she`s a woman, which is the sensitively human joke for the humans. However, the truth is she doesn`t talk about girls in `graphic` terms, because she can`t. Knowing what human futanarian women look like, Amanda Bynes isn`t allowed to tell, because of Hollywood Babylon`s cinematograhical conventions forbidding American revelation.



 At the battle of Hastings (1066) the English king lost an eye and his kingdom to the French Duke, William, which is a metaphor for male braining: `In the kingdom of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.`2 The battle for Viola Hastings is another Duke`s, which the audience is conditioned to want him to win, although victory lies with the widespread recognition of human women`s futanarian nature, which the misogynist convention in Shakespeare`s time of men acting the parts of women delayed. Traditional English is the courting and winning of a woman after a battle couched as a wooing against rivals with the giving up of her maidenhead by the woman as the reason for the struggle. Viola Hastings is the battlefield in She`s The Man, although her `politically correct` triumph is that Sebastian`s restored to the field of play when it`s discovered she`s a girl, Viola. Coach Dinklage informs a satisfied `pc` crowd that Illyrea doesn`t discriminate on `gender` while reprimanding the Cornwall coach publically for `sexism. However, what director Andy Fickman is attempting to reveal is that Viola`s human futanarian woman, but no one is allowed to see that.



 Humans wouldn`t feel vulnerable when they`re with each other, but for men`s rules about sex differentiation, which presupposes women as inferior because penisless, and boys as inferior because they constitute `lesser` penis, that is, they`ve human brainpower requiring education that isn`t available in men`s occluding slaveship. In the character of Illyria high school`s Principal Gold, actor David Cross sees Olivia and 'Sebastian' meeting outside his office, and fascistically dictates to the audience that boys and girls are inferior, because the audience is blind, ignorant and unconscious of the occlusion being perpetrated on humanity by Hollywood, Babylon:: `What is ...? Oh ... Getting to know the opposite sex are we? Male female dynamics, all that. Sexual tension ... it's all part of the high school experience ... Continue, continue, please. But keep it cleaned up. Abstinence is key, abstinence is the best way to not ... is to not. Uh - hm?` The fascist joke is that there aren`t any women, because the fascists killed them all, or worse. Consequently, the joke about Viola Hastings is that the viler aspect of the Hays` code still stings, because it was how the axe was applied to women`s penis when Hollywood`s Will Hays imposed it to ban women`s mode of sexual reproduction, that is, Viola Hastings` loins still sting from the fascist application of the 1930s `Hays code` to women`s role in the cinema, which felt the axe and is on the cutting room floor along with her head after the edit there.



 The Roman fasces symbol was an axe inside a bundle of wood, because the Romans cut wood to build hides to spy out the vulnerabilities of the enemy as hunters do. In the role of transvestite Viola`s creation, Sebastian, `TV` Amanda rejects actress Alex Breckenridge who`s Monique Valentine, because she doesn`t have a penis, that is, women don`t have a penis, because they`ve been hunted to the point of extinction by the fascists who spy on their vulnerabilities in order to use their axe and build their hides somewhere further on after their misogynist pogrom`s grisly conclusion: `You're hot Monique, smokin' hot. But there are plenty of hot girls out there. And the truth is you have nothing else to offer! And when my eyes are closed, I see you for what you truly are, which is uuug-lay!` Although transvestism is considered a perversion, `TV` television is what transvestites are, because it`s what so-called heterosexuality between men and women as a single male brained creature produces, whereas humans are futanarian, that is, women have penis` semen of their own, but body fascism spies on the humans as a tool of their pogromers.

 She`s The Man is about soccer, which is a team sport played with the feet, and is better known globally as `football`, but was labeled `soccer` for the United States of America where American football was the name for a game of throwing and catching a ball to score: `One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.` The United States` North American Space Administration (NASA) used the term for a score in American football, `touchdown`, when the televised Apollo 11 manned mission to Earth`s lunar satellite was successful, although the reference is biblical: `You shall crush the head of the serpent with your foot, but he shall bruise your heel.` (Gen: 3. 15) In short, astronaut Neil Armstrong represented the `foot`, although God`s words were for the ears of Eve, who was told her `seed` would have `enmity` with the serpent`s who`d tricked her and the first man, Adam, into accepting the `fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil`, that is, death, `You shall be as gods.` (Gen: 3. 5)

 The serpent was the angel Satan who`d been turned into a serpent by God and placed in Eden for rejecting God`s plan that the human host whould be greater than the angelic. Consequently, God expelled Eve and Adam from Eden for rejecting God`s plan also. Eve was told Redemption would occur if Adam labored but she`d experience labor pains. Consequently, in Christian iconography, Jesus` mother, the Virgin Mary, is depicted crushing the head of the serpent with her `foot`, because of Jesus` teaching: `Love your neighbor as you love yourself.` (Mk: 12. 31) Uncontaminated by male semen, Jesus was the truth, which was that human futanarian women, that is, `God`s `foot`, were being prevented by men from sexually reproducing their own brains` powers for liberating technologies, such as starships and immortality conferring medical science, which was God`s plan for Redemption for `woman`s seed`.

 When Jesus was seen by his disciple, Judas, having his feet anointed by a woman, Judas, who was known for stealing from the collection plate after a sermon, suggested that the perfume be sold to raise money. At what came to be known as the `Last Supper` the human host Jesus gave `bread and wine` as symbols of his `body and blood` to the disciples, but Judas gave Jesus over as a `dissident` to agents of the Roman Empire then occupying Jewish Palestine for `thirty pieces of silver`. Taken to the hill of Calvary outside the city of Jerusalem, Jesus was nailed to a cross of wood and left there to die, but had Resurrection and Ascension to heaven in prefiguration of the colonizing of the planets amongst the stars by God`s `foot`, that is, God`s futanarian human women`s `seed`, which is humanity`s Redemption from men`s host womb parasitism in ephemeral slavery for devourment by their parasitoid nature in warfare against `woman`s seed`. In simple terms, Judas didn`t want Jesus` uncontaminated `seed` to sexually reproduce with a woman brainpower that would resist being enslaved and eaten.



 The Roman Empire represented male braining in which men and women are a single creture wearing each others` clothes as a `TV` transvestite warring upon humanity for the entertainment of the alien parasitoid nature of the creature playing with a virus it`s labeled `male`. Having inveigled the viral form into the host womb of the human species of futanarian women millions of years ago, the alien parasitoid nature initiates `plague games` to wage war against `woman`s seed`. Men`s mixing of blood, shit and semen in each others` anuses to spread the HIV/AIDS` `incurable kiler disease` in the late 20th century was a `biological weapon` designed to keep the human futanarian species of women in fearful faithfulness to their ring slaver. Consequently, Amanda Bynes` film She`s The Man was a pun on the phrase, `He`s the man.` Because men and women are a single creature in male braining, and `TV` actress Amanda was ostensibly male brained without Jesus` remedy of metanoia brain transformation through conversion and acceptance of `woman`s seed`:  `Just remember, inside every girl, there's a boy. That came out wrong, but you know what I mean.` As Paul Antonio, actor Jonathan Sadowski is the `stylist` friend of Viola`s transvestite character, whose occluding statement is gauche, because futanarian women`s `boy` did `come out wrong`. The human species is made psychologically imbalanced in male host womb parasitism for an alien parasitoid devourer`s psychopathic nature`s `snuff film` entertainment. The imbalance coud be corrected by God`s `foot`, that is, women`s futanarian mode of sexually reproducing brainpower, if men didn`t rely on the alien parasitoid devourer`s unnatural support for their maled brains.

 In the Christian communion service men and women are asked to accept a wafer of bread and a sip of wine, as Jesus gave `bread and wine` to the disciples at the `Last Supper`, as symbols of futanarian women`s humanity`s `body and blood`, so that they would experience transubstantiation, that is, transformation through metanoia. When Satan offered the Earth to Jesus, Jesus said, `Avoid me.` Because Satan was the man who could give Jesus the Earth. Then Jesus would be the man, `You`re the man.` Being the man is how the alien parasitoid nature devours the Earth. After Neil Armstrong put the Earth beneath his heel on July 21, 1969 (UTC: 2. 56), US President Ronald `Ray Gun` Reagan was preparing a `space based missile system` known as the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) of March 23, 1983, which was called Star Wars after the science fiction `blockbuster` movie franchise that began with Episode IV: A New Hope (1977) featuring the `Death Star` that orbited planets and killed them. Consequently, the US was Satan bruising its heel upon the head of the woman it was crushing, lest `woman`s seed` crush its.



 In Iraq dictator Saddam Hussein`s name meant `small handsome man` and `crusher`, so he was the man there, because the alien parasitoid devourer wanted a man to devour. When Al Qaeda terrorists operating under the auspices of the misogynist Taliban regime in Afghanistan hijacked civil airliners to crash into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre in New York city on September 11, 2001, to re-establish war it was an alien invasion because the parasitoid devourer wanted to devour. The WTC was chosen because `rough trade` is that `brutality and violence` practiced by men engaged in homosexuality in pederasty for war against `woman`s seed`, for example, in ancient Greece homosexuality was institutionalized alongside host womb enslavement of women to spread its contagions of war and plague, while Babylon (c. 4000 B.C.), the ruins of which Saddam Hussein could see from his summer palace at Hillah in Iraq, was the capital city of the Persian Empire described in the Bible as womb slaved: `Mystery, Babylon the great, mother of harlots and of the abominations of the Earth. (Rev: 17. 5) When Saddam Hussein offered to afford bases in Iraq to Al Qaeda it was the alien parasitoid bringing men together.

 Although Babylon, Iraq, was blamed for the events of 9/11 shown `live on CNN` and other networked `TV` news channels, the World Trade Centre movie (2006) and Jarhead (2005), which was a film about the Gulf war (1990-1) to remove Saddam Hussein`s invading Iraqi army from Kuwait, Holllywood, Babylon, can only blame itself. A US invasion in March, 2003, resulted in Saddam Hussein`s execution on December 30, 2006, and Hollywood, Babylon, had pre-programed the scenario, which is why Saddam Hussein was Babylon`s `small handsome man` and `crusher`. He was a `Hollywood man in development` since Will Hays, President of the Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America (MPPDA), established the `Hays code` (1930-67) for films in the Los Angeles` film capital, which effectively banned women from showing how they raised their `foot`, that is, the human futanarian species of women, on screen: `… women, in love scenes, at all times … [ had ] `at least one foot on the floor` (in other words, no love scenes in bed).`3 In occluding audiences from knowledge of `woman`s seed` Hollywood, Babylon, was plotting the extinction of what remained of her humans in `snuff film` histories of their pogrom, which they labeled `action` movies.



 The presence of fasces symbols in the US` House Of Representatives has been criticized as linking the government to those dictatorships of Italy and Germany during WWII (1939-45), because the Roman fasces were the symbol of Italian dictator Benito Mussolini after his election in 1922 and was adopted by German dictator Adolf Hitler after his election in 1933 as symbols of his National Socialists (Nazis), who built `death camps` for the Jews. The fasces` symbol represents occlusion, that is, wood cut with an axe to seclude the planner, while the Nazi pogroms went on. Although Amanda Bynes` character in She`s The Man mightn`t know it, the Japanese practice of foot-binding, so that women couldn`t escape, was the basis for Japanese fascism during WWII, and Japan`s attack on the US Pacific fleet at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, on December 7, 1941, was an alien parasitoid devourer with a male: `I will not wear high heels. Because heels are a male invention designed to make women's butts look smaller ... and to make it harder for them to run away.` The `Hays code` of Hollywood, Babylon, was a fascist`s, whose propaganda campaign was that `woman`s seed` didn`t exist, and therefore she wouldn`t, which was accepted by international democracy, whereas men can`t sexually reproduce without women, although women can sexually reproduce without men, which means women are disenfranchised if they`re discouraged form sexually reproducing with each other by the alien parasitoid devourer of the Jews whose futanarian tradition is that Jews are born from women, because women are Jews. 

 Although Islam is perceived as opposing Judeo-Christianity, it`s a continuation of the futanarian tradition. Islam derives from Abraham`s wife Sara, who bore Isaac, the founder of Judaism. When Sara became barren, she gave Hajer, her maid, to Abraham and Hajer bore Ishmael, who was the founder of Islam through his descendant, the Prophet Mohamed, who received the Koran (610-30 C.E.) from the angelic host, according to Moslem tradition, who want the human host to be greater than the angelic, accoding to God`s Bible, and so Islam is based on the principle of affording the possibility of human futanarian sexual reproduction between women by permitting four wives in Moslem marriages, so of course secular and religious dictatorship is more prevalent in Islam to prevent women`s democratic enfranchisement in familes where the ratio is 80% in favor of women. The irony of Amanda Bynes` character Viola in She`s The Man is that she isn`t, because the man is Satan, although Jesus `Uncontaminate` wanted to be the `shepherd` of her species of `woman`s seed` and teach others to be educated about it.



 Jesus said a Holy Spirit would teach after him, which the Romans understood as the `Second Eve` from the side of the `Second Adam`, because Adam`s Eve emerged from the rib at his side in Eden. The Roman guard at the crucifixion, Longinus, cut Jesus` side open with a spear upon his death as a surgical attempt at a `caesarian` birthing of the new spirit of Eve: `Surely, this was the son of God.` (Matt: 27. 54) God`s son isn`t God`s daughter, although Jesus born uncontaminated by male semen from his mother, the Virgin Mary, was `woman`s seed`, and so prefigured the Resurrection and Ascension of God`s futanarian daughter, who was pressaged in Genesis as the `foot` that would crush the head of Satan. Excused by Coach Dinklage from being a `skin`, Amanda Bynes` be-shirted Viola plays football because she wants to be crushing Satan`s head with her kicks, whereas American `football` began and ended with a man`s foot upon the moon for a `TD` and Ronald `Ray Gun` Reagan`s inauguration of prison Earth for `woman`s seed` to labor in as a slave of the man Satan`s parasitoid devouring of the human race in warfare against her `seed`. So Viola`s character Sebastian`s excuse for not revealing he`s `woman`s seed`, like Jesus, is cogent, and is accepted as such by Coach Dinklage: `I'm allergic to the sun.`



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